The Third Wall - Is It Time We Cross It?

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Science has had a long known adversary, religion. The 2 both at heart strive for the same greatness in mankind, but unlike science religion has built an impassable intellectual barrier to prevent science from discrediting their ideologies.

Much of the responsibility for this problem falls upon self-described religious people. Over the centuries, they deemed science a threat rather than an aid.

Perhaps it's time we crossed the third wall, as scientists call it, and acknowledge the inherent design flaws of both systems of belief. Both religion and science have flaws, religion even more so, and we as a society need to acknowledge those flaws in order to over come them. Science of recent history has been manipulated by bribes and regulatory coercion from enforcement agencies.

There is a great example, the Black Doctor that was talking about hydroxychloroquine. The outlandish claims she has about "demon semon" put a very negative omen on all of the practises she is involved with because its NOT GOOD SCIENCE. So this shadow now looms over her colleagues who presented with her at the White House.

I have always had a very difficult time understanding why someone would contest good scientific method to protect their ideology?

They are obviously not logical beings doing this, so its reasonable to assume education on sociology would benefit religious groups with a status quo held by individuals only in that faith group.

But sociology is a science, so you can see where this is going.... enjoy the video.

The Scientific Proof For A Spirit

This is what science can confirm, with scientific method, of the souls existance. Many viewpoints, and none of them can prove their claims. Perhaps one day a real scientific method will be perfected, but that is going to take good applied scientific method, not ghost stories to achieve.

"We need to work with brain scientists and have a deeper knowledge of a human." - Hiroshi Ishiguro

What do you think, is there a consciousness that survives the body?