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Magnesium is the key element of chlorophyll which is the green stuff in plant life. Some people have referred to chlorophyll as "plant blood."

I used Epsom Salt once or twice to stop gallbladder attacks. The chemical composition of Epsom Salt is Magnesium Sulfate. The protocol called for four spaced out doses of Epsom Salt, one table spoon dissolved in 8 to 12 oz of water. And let me tell you, it tasted terrible. You can really taste the sulfur in it, and like this metal after taste, which makes sense. I got it down out of pain compliance. Right after the first dose, within like ten mins, I could start feeling all the inflammation and tension starting to let go. They say it's the magnesium, it causes muscles to relax or let go. Same deal for preventing muscle cramps. You know where I didn't end up? I dodged a hospital visit because some You Tube videos saved my ass.

The power of life essential magnesium is not to be underestimated. This stuff supports so much in the body.

"Catalyzing most chemical reactions in the body, Producing and transporting energy, Synthesizing protein,Transmitting nerve signals,Relaxing muscles." I pulled those out of this book that I found at a health food store -->

I put myself on Magnesium Citrate, and low and behold those midnight leg cramps stopped. Before I'd get muscles locking up on me at 3am. That huge muscle in the back of your leg, I think it's called a quad, yeah that one, I'd be jumping out of bed, dancing, hitting my leg trying to get that sucker to let go.

Elemental Magnesium is really interesting in it's own right:


I'm pretty sure Magnesium is responsible for that bright white glow in birthday sparklers, just look at what this guy did with sparklers, quite entertaining -->

Kind of interesting how the same thing that can blow shit up is also good for the body. An honorable mention that comes to mind is Nitroglycerin aka TNT. Blows shit up, and makes an excellent vasodilator.

This video is really interesting, he mentions how we are suppose to get our magnesium from green veggies! That just adds right up doesn't it? -->

Look how bright this stuff burns, again! -->

Do you need Magnesium, this is how you can tell -->

It seems like a really promising form of preventive maintenance.

Chlorophyll is kind of related to magnesium which makes this interesting -->


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