Elon Musk's Global Internet: The World is More Hackable

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Elon Musk's Global Internet: The World is More Hackable


Infection by floppy disks


Early viruses spread in this way through what we call the "manual network." From hand to hand, floppy disk to floppy disk, computers were infected.

The thing was evolving for local networks. Most of these networks were not connected to the Internet, where once again the infection occurred by floppy disks. But the power of dissemination was growing, as one computer on the internal network was infected, so the others could be.

LANs and dial-up modems


Some time passed, and the local network had a computer that from time to time connected to the Internet via dial-up modem, sharing its precarious connection to other computers on the network. At that time, the floppy disk was no longer in use (even being used for other purposes, such as accountants writing company information on the floppy disks to be sent to CEF, aiai), giving rise to almost instant infection of the other machines on the network. .

The broadband


When broadband became popular in the country and around the world, the “thing” went off for good. Businesses were virtually 100% connected and open to the world, making room for the proliferation of worms. In the early 2000s, if you're from that era, you might remember the I Love You and The Code Red worms, which did a lot of damage in the world.

Wi-Fi networks


This was the big boom when it came to infecting more and more devices (laptops, smartphones, tablets, etc.). Any device that has a Wi-Fi interface can be a potential target.

In these times of cryptocurrency mining, DDoS attacks, and IoT devices, Wi-Fi networks helped a lot. In the case of cryptocurrencies, hackers intercept traffic on that network and force everyone who is connected to access a page that mines cryptocurrencies. As a result, the processing power of victims' devices is used to the benefit of attackers.

Already in the case of DDoS attacks, they already occurred when broadband became popular in the country, but there was a gas with the arrival of Wi-Fi networks. Thus, more devices could be recruited via malware infection to perform a targeted attack, knocking down the desired targets more effectively.

What about IoT devices? Well, lately they have been heavily used in DdoS attacks. Even this type of attack is growing precisely because of IoT devices.

What about Elon Musk's global Internet?


If the plans of SpaceX (Elon Musk's company), with its 4,425 satellites to provide a global Internet, really get out of paper, we could say that many more devices will be infected.

In addition to people having a connection anywhere on the planet, attacks can also be carried out from anywhere. There are many possibilities that can be exploited by attackers. One of these would be easy mobility, that is, moving your base of operations elsewhere when the previous one is compromised.

Having a connection anywhere in the world, with it being made available via Wi-Fi in a mall in the middle of the desert, will be easy for the attacker, as we know that today is much easier to hack a Wi-Fi network. online.

What I meant to you here, dear reader, is not to give you news about the end of the world, but that we should pay more attention to prevention. If everyone follows good security practices, we will not have many victims and the attacks will not occur on a large scale, but this dear friend is a utopia.

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