Numbers and operators in JavaScript

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After being away in Denmark for a week today I picked up my book "JavaScript for Kids" by Nick Morgan and studied the section about numbers and operators. I went to to work on some addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. It was like real time calculator. In the book the author explained how to get JavaScript do the addition BEFORE doing multiplication and division which would be the usual procedure. Apparently we have to use parentheses.


Maybe learning to program could help kids to learn the priority order in mathematical operations in a funny way as they can see how useful it is.

And to you, @organduo, keep learning in the rate you are already doing it.

Can you write a script to multiply the value of Steem to USD?

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1 * 0.20;


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Can we find out with JavaScript how much Steem will be worth in a year?

These kids will love to know coding @organduo.

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So do I... Comes very handy on Steem.