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The other day I came across fellow Hive member @kencode and the project "Cast Garden" thanks to a post by @steevc which piqued my interest as I've been looking for ways I can do more with Hive, sometimes written posts aren't enough or even the right medium for some content.

One thing I wanted to do this year is spread the word about some very cool music technologies that I described in a recent post on my very own blog. I thought it would be a great idea to present them through the medium of podcasting, but would this be video, audio or a combination of the two? Well, that is something I am eager to explore.

Recently over on Mastodon, I've been following #patternuary that was launched by Alex McLean the creator of Tidal Cycles. The idea is to create a new pattern every day, so this could be a good starting point for a podcast, needn't be too long, just a few minutes each to get into the flow.

Live coding is an exciting concept, not new, it's been around for at least a decade but kind of suits me as a way to express my musical self.

You can find my Cast Garden page over at and my first cast may just be an audio performance, no narrative because I need to buy some new kit, a microphone other than that built into my Macbook.

Let's give it a bash!


That's cool. Looks like I'll have some stuff to listen to there soon. Have fun with it.

Figuring out how to get going with it all but should be fun!

My old podcasts should get imported there soon and then I need to get on with recording more.

Thanx so much Nick, can't wait to hear/see your first podcast! 🎵 🎵 🎵

Thanks and I’ll publish something soon.

Silly question - how do I upload? Or maybe that's not activated yet?

I just dm'd you on twitter :)

Thanks I’ll have a look over there

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