The Best Headphones I’ve Ever Owned | Apple AirPods Pro Review

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Last week, Apple quietly launched the new Airpods Pro. I almost missed the launch entirely, but I happened to be on the Apple website on that day.

I have owned the first generation AirPods since they came out. I’m very particular about my headphones and audio accessories, so the AirPods were an interesting add to the mix. I always hated earbud headphones because of the poor sound quality and inability to cancel sounds from the world around me.

While the original AirPods lacked in the noise cancellation department, the sound quality was good overall and the convenience factor of just popping in 2 little earbuds and wearing them all day led me to essentially ditch all my other headphones.

I’ve used those original AirPods for 8+ hours every single day since I got them. I used them for phone calls, music, podcasts and audiobooks. I used them when I was at home, walking around, at the gym, etc.

When I saw the AirPods Pro and did some research, I realized that these could be a game changer. I’ve absolutely loved the experience of the original AirPods, but as I said — they lack the key feature of noise cancellation.

When I’m at a crowded gym or walking around the town, I can hear everything going on. If there are loud things going on around me, I have a hard time hearing music and it’s near impossible to hear a podcast or audiobook. Sometimes, phone calls can be rough as well.

The AirPods Pro offer noise cancellation. I ordered them just a few minutes after reading about that feature. I expected the AirPods Pro to be better than the original AirPods in this department, obviously. What I did not expect, however, was to be completely blown away by the feature.

The Inaugural Use:

Two days later, my new AirPods arrived in the mail and I eagerly threw them in and tested the noise cancellation feature.

I was standing in my kitchen and microwaving some food when it turned on and it absolutely blew my mind. The sound of the microwave disappeared into the background and the only thing I could hear was the music coming from my AirPods.

Obviously, the feature is way better than I expected, but I had only used them at home up until this point. I couldn’t wait to head over to the gym and try them out in a crowded place that was blasting music.

So I’m at the gym and I throw the Pods in.

The world literally melted away.

All I could hear was the faintest trace of sound. If someone slammed weights down near me, I could hear a very muffled pounding sound on the ground. With my old AirPods, I would’ve jumped from a sound like that and my music wouldn’t be audible in the slightest.

With the new AirPods… Bliss is sustained and I continued on with my workout.

Phone calls are great and the AirPods work better than advertised in public places. Now I have the opposite problem that I had with the OG pods — if someone tries to get my attention and I have the Pods Pro on noise cancellation, I won’t hear them at all. They’ve got to make eye contact with me or tap me on the shoulder.

Overall, I rate the Pods Pro a 10/10 home run. I always believed that the original AirPods were an absolute game changer for audio on the go. Easily one of the best products Apple has ever made. Now that I have the pro version, the idea of crisp & functional audio on the go is not only reinforced but radically improved.

The best part?

I got them just in time to listen to the Steemfest livestream 🦁

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I've been considering Apple earbuds, I use Apple devices but I am not a fan of Apple so I try to avoid giving them money whenever possible. I also didn't want to be locked even more into Apple ecosystem.

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I use Beat by Dre and love them.. I've never been a fan of in the ear earphones. Or of Apple for that matter. But I'm glad you got them in time for SF

These are awesome and I use a similar ones to listen to music at work without drawing too much attention to myself or when i don't want to carry around headphones.

I like the noisecancelling best, too. Before these, I used to ise some wired sony ones for that.

However I would like to point out they are earphones and not headphones. Can't really compare.

I actually prefer headphones because they don't bother my ears, they have way better sound, noise cancelling and battery life, and they keep me warm in winter (they are like 100x bigger though) . I also feel like a DJ when wearing them.

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