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RE: Burn them all #4 – COINBURNER PROJECT - [@coinburner] [Stemgeeks, Battlegames, steemace, Foodies Unite]

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This is a great initiative... reminding and education folks (which in hope is part or your program) on burning tokens and why we all need to do it is a good thing to be promoting. We burn FOODIE tokens as often as we can. Helping to educate is something that will help as well.

  • just a thought, can we send you tokens to burn on our behalf? Call it a Burn Bank? Thoughts?

Thanks for your comment. The first steps are made with this project and if it is well received, @coinburner2 and @coinburner3 will start their work. And a good note with education; if I find time, I will write about it.
And for sure, you can sent me any Token and I promise, that i will burn them and tell the community in a weekly Report.
The blast furnace is fired up and the first combustion will take place on January 12, 2020. ;-)