STEMGEEKS has the potential to be a great platform!

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STEMGEEKS has the potential to be a great platform!

Nitrous platforms appear to be popping up every day, and new communities are forming like never before. All of this might sound devastating if we worked in a zero-sum game for attention as eyeballs become a scarce commodity.

But with the NEW STEEM, multiple platforms work synergistically, thanks in part to the ability to be rewarded via parallel tokenization. Posts on one platform show up on multiple platforms maximizing exposure while authors and curators benefit from many tokens rather than just STEEM alone.


STEMGEEKS (STEM) is one of the the latest platforms to join the fray. What gives SG a hand up is the fact that it deals with meaningful topical substance. The power of information and particularly education is that its always relevant. It's not just the latest gossip or opinion, but an archival record of meaningful information that can endure.

Knowledge crosses borderlines with ease, and the pursuit of science, technology, engineering, and math are topics that are universally understood to be advancing for society as a whole.

If you don't have your eyes on STEM, you might want to think twice before selling this one off in a fire sale.


@investingpennies, Absolutely true and STEM always brought up meaningful information and specially related to the Science and Technology. And if we take this aspect in consideration then this Community have lot of potential. Stay blessed.

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