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I really like accidemic science. But there's something to be said for DIY. I'm hoping that we have some serious science on stemgeeks, but I won't be disappointed if the academic stuff stays mostly on steemstem. There's no reason they can't coexist.

Steemgeeks is accessible and it has incentives for regular people to geek out about science, DIY, and everything else under that umbrella.

In the past, I've written quite a lot that probably would have been appropriate for #stem, but because steemstem was more academic, I didn't really use that tag. Also, I think humor will be an important aspect on stemgeeks, not so much on steemstem.

That being said, here are some of the articles I have posted in the past that I think are now aligned for #stem (via steemgeeks), just for reference:

Brian May's Astrophysics Thesis on Solar System Dust
"There are some things in computing that are undecidable."
More Curve Deep Dive
The Future of Ford and Transportation (Fixed)
My attempt at figuring out what's special about 277777788888899?
Mathematical Fantasy vs. Reality
Water and Ultra-Sound in Slow Motion Video
Drinking Deadly Hydric Acid? Will Cody Die?
They Stole My Idea: Can You Recover Sound From Images?
Questioning Quantized Inertia
How we got recursion.
Are time crystals real? Yes. Yes, they are.
Case Study: Self-Filling Water Bottle
Linus Tech Tips "BIG RIPOFF" Video Is Itself a Ripoff
How to do Raspberry Pi Zero Surveillance with Ruby
Relativistic Effects in Chemistry

Just a note about my list. Moving forward, you'll see some developer-centric posts by me tagged with #stem, but not all of them. I'm not planning on tagging Steem specific programming projects as #stem. I don't think there's anything wrong with it if people do. In general, pretty much all software development can be STEM-related. But if I tag #stem for programming posts, it's going to typically be general theory software, not Steem-related software.

The reason is because I don't think Steem software is all that interesting to the mainstream STEM audience. Perhaps general blockchain software is. Perhaps one day Steem software might be. But for now, I would probably end up posting too much for mainstream to care about. So the above list tries to reflect that philosophy.


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In all honesty, I am part of neither of those tags. I do like science, but am not good enough in that domain to participate in a tag that includes experts. Such circles do tend to frown on people who are neophytes.

I can get where you are going with the difference between the two, blockchain being a broader subject that one specific crypto using this technology.

Having discovered your blog I'll lurk around and read your posts.
Have fun!

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Yeah, we're hoping to change the use of #stem so that it fits with Science Fans as well as certified experts. There is plenty of overlap. Some of them focus on high academics, which is great. Some of them focus on education so that it's accessible to young people. And some of them focus on DIY projects.

I dont like stemgeeks.. theres already steemstem

 2 years ago 

I don't like McDonald's there is already Burger King.

STEMGeeks is a broader focus than SteemSTEM. They are not mutually exclusive either.

Yea I get ur point.

I just dont understand why noone wanna cooperate in this space.. Everyone wanna do their own stuff and just profit.

Why not already existing stem frontend and community asking for help?

Crypto is cooperative in my opinion.

McDonald and Burgerking are bad examples cuz theyre Monopols in our world-wide planned economy.

But I still agree with @inertia

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No one said I did not want to cooperate, in fact, I reached out to SteemSTEM to chat with them. I even expressed interest in cooperating with them.

First off, it isn't STEMGeeks or SteemSTEM. They are not mutually exclusive.

Second, we are not really focused on the same niche. SteemSTEM is more academic and slanted more towards science. STEMGeeks is focused on all four of the fields and more of an amateur focus.

There are no expectations will find a new element or discover some earth-shattering breakthrough. STEMGeeks is a community where people can talk and share content about Science Technology Engineering and Math. This may be someone building a new pc and creates a post walking through the entire process or writing a tutorial on how to interact with a REST API using Python

I feel the audience and goal of STEMGeeks are far wider and more inclusive than SteemStem. That's not a bad thing, it's just a different end goal. I didn't build STEMGeeks to come up with breakthroughs, I built it to allow people to just be themselves and talk about cool things that fall in the STEM category.

I am honestly surprised at how much frustration has been expressed about STEMGeeks regarding SteemSTEM existence. Not only are we focused on fairly different goals, but it is not like I walked into their house and took all their support and people. I am providing a platform to get more new faces introduced to STEM and content created by Steem users and allow an additional way to reward them. In that, it also gets more exposure for SteemSTEM as well.

No SteemSTEM users were harmed in the creation of this message.

is "engineering" also rebuilding engines/ motorbikes? ;)

 2 years ago 

I would say that is more mechanics. If you were designing them I’d say it is more engineering.

Yea. Designing an engine is as easy as writing/ designing a script...^^

 2 years ago 

I don’t know what your point is. It isn’t a matter of ease. You asked if I thought something was engineering.

@luegenbaron I can design a sterling engine in a few seconds but to write a script i need to freaking turn on a computer etc... sure i can write a script by hand... but does anyone do such things?

stop arguing with markymark he has more sp than you and thus knows more science in his brain

lol so weird how u said u dont like something because theres already something named science on steem

whatevber heres an ASS token

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As if there's not already enough confusion on this platform :D

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There's this one project called @ocd by @acidyo. It's Steem-centric, but the have a discord where people who suffer from OCD show up. They know nothing about Steem, it ends up being an on-boarding opportunity.

Although stemgeeks is on Steem, it's not intended to be Steem-centric. It will be an even bigger on-boarding opportunity.

50% of our community joined in this manner!

 2 years ago 

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Hmmm. This helps explain why there are so many alt accounts .... all the members with OCD had to join in multiples of three.

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I like your thoughts on this especially on the use of humor and being appealing to more general use for people. It looks like a nice place to post some less academic STEM stuff.

I've always liked science and have an advanced degree in mathematics. This is going to be a great community.

I've been trying to get [email protected] to join up with us.
I'm more into the freedom aspects of what he does than the science, perhaps you can email him an invitation?

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