The bees can win!

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I doubt many of you in this community have been hiding under rocks, without looking about once in a while.

Well, as you know, the bees have been having a hard time.

The bee microbiome can fight back against fungi that cause Colony Collapse Disorder

Lauren Sara McKee
Microbiology, Biochemistry, and Biotechnology
KTH Royal Institute of Technology

Fungal diseases get less attention than they deserve.

They are a major cause of food insecurity and economic loss for food producers. Huge proportions of staple plant crops like wheat and potato are lost every year to disease.
Likewise, fungal infections threaten honey production in honeybees by killing huge numbers of the animal, and likely contributes to Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).

Human activity often determines how far and how fast a fungus will spread, because we transport crops and livestock long distances and cram huge populations of a single species together.
The plight of the honeybee is a perfect example. In the first episode of the Netflix series “Rotten,” honeybees throughout the US are transported en masse every spring to California, where they pollinate the enormous almond crop.
Bringing so many bees together makes the spread of pathogens and disease unavoidable, and beekeepers around the country have lost hives as a result.

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This old world is what we make of it. You and me.
If we sit on our asses and mindlessly meld with the flashylight boxes as our progenitors have, we get what we got, except worse, and for our children.

It's pretty clear that the powers that shouldn't be are willing to do whatever it takes to keep you on the couch and entertained.

Don't fall for the trap, dear reader, get out there and find some bees to hug, eh?



Poke some smot!

I prefer to hug trees before bees

Trees are less likely to sting us,...

I was hoping you would say that bees could fight COVID.

Lol, nope, just alcohol, saunas, and soap.

And apple cider vinegar.

Meh, makes me runny,...

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