My Top Must Have Linux Apps & Add-Ons

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My list of HIGHLY RECOMMENDED application/extension for Linux, specifically Ubuntu. This post goes along with a video with the same name.

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Other GNOME Extensions:



  • Suspend Button:

    For whatever reason in Ubuntu 18.04 Gnome Shell desktop doesn't include a suspend button and this extension fixes that.



System Resources & Utilities

Power & Heat:

  • indicator-cpufreq
    Lets you monitor your CPU Frequency in your system indicator tray. Also launches a widget that allows you to adjust your CPU's minimum and maximum frequency, power profile, and governor setting. You can also deactivate CPU cores individually.


  • Linrunner-TLP:The Linrunner Project
    Configurable background service that manages power-saving. Especially useful for laptops running Linux.
  • Psensor
    Monitor your CPU/GPU temperatures in the indicator tray. Also includes a widget that monitors and logs all available sensors.
  • Synaptic Package Manager
    A comprehensive graphical package manager that allows you to take advantage of Aptitude's advanced features without all the command line kung-fu.
  • Y-PPA-Manager
    A GUI front-end for managing PPA's or Personal Package Archives Allows you to backup/restore your PPA's, and fix issues like missing GPG keys or BADSIG errors.


Clipboard Manager:

  • CopyQ
    My favorite clipboard manager. Has tons of features, and stores just about anything you copy including images, XML, and SVG's.

Phone/Device Integration:

  • Pushbullet Indicator
    Easily send text, links, images, and files to/from your phone and other devices.

  • KDE-Connect/GConnect
    Feature packed integration with your Android phone/devices:

    • Clipboard sharing
    • File transfers
    • Media remote control
    • Use your phone's touch-screen as a mouse
    • Text-messaging
    • Lots more

Social Media:

Combine all your social media accounts into one convenient app.

RSS Feed Client:

Feed Reader
An awesome RSS Feed client.