How Good Can a Linux operating system look?

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This is a short demo of my Ubuntu 18.04 desktop in action.

This is my desktop: I'm using the regular Ubuntu 18.04 with the standard Gnome Shell desktop environment. I've modified it slightly with some extensions things like weather etc., and I've changed the icons to the "La-Captiaine" icon theme.
This is a professional-grade Linux operating system that is 100% FREE & Open-Source.

The reason I wanted to share this is I often tell friends or co-workers about Linux, and they are misled by the fact that it's free and open-source.

We commonly associate "free" with cheap or low-quality, but in the world of FOSS(Free & Open Source Software) It's free for good reasons, and made with dedication and passion because someone probably needed it for themselves, but because of FOSS we all get the shared benefit.

When I do finally show a friend my laptop running Linux they are usually surprised by the high visual quality, and apparent performance.
I used all proprietary Adobe software & Windows for graphic & web design until 2014 when I switched to Linux & open-source. Now I create music, videos, and graphics content for @DS-Tech Media entirely with Linux & open-source software, occasionally relying on Android.

Peek 2020-02-07 02-51.gif


Youre Gnome config looks awesome! Free and open-source software has so much more potential in comparison to what the average windows user knows. And it's free as in freedom :-)

Thank you! I really like Gnome, but I wish I had a really cool ricer setup with i3 or awm. I just haven't had the time to learn to do all that. My main need is for making media content so Gnome works well enough for now. And yes, most of what I use is open-source now. I wish more people would realize how much better it is for their privacy and freedom.