Happy New Year! & DS-Tech Media In 2020

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Happy New Year Wherever You're Reading This!

I'll probably post this to Steemit and Medium, but maybe Minds as well. And I'm kicking off the brand's new year with a distro review video. It's the first time I've reviewed the same distro twice, and that distro is Elementary OS 5.1 "Hera". I'm an adamant fan of eOS, so obviously I gave it a positive review, but if you'd like to see what's so special I implore you to watch!
Available on :


So How Was 2019?

For DS-Tech, 2019 was the first proper year producing and publishing. I started the DS-Tech Media Youtube in late 2018 and put out a few videos, but earlier this past year I realized Youtube was just not enough.
So I created channels on Dtube, Bitchute, and LBRY, and established social media and blogging on Twitter, Minds, Steemit, Mastodon, Gab, Medium, and Instagram. I also invested in accounts on DLive, Twitch, and Periscope for live-streaming, despite rarely doing so. I just don't think I have the audience for that yet, but we'll see.
I published 19 videos since February. The shortest one was 8 minutes and the longest was 48 minutes! Altogether DS-Tech Media published approximately 403 minutes of video content.
I tested Elementary OS 5.1(released Jan 2020), MX Linux, Ubuntu 18.04 & Linux Mint 19, and Android 10. I created two tutorials about Linux server software, and two "RSS NEWS" episodes.
I reviewed new releases of both the video editors I use: Kenlive & Flowblade. We tested Windows games on Linux with Steam's Proton, and reviewed Steam's hardware survey.
But my biggest accomplishments were probably the two longest videos, both over 40 minutes long. The first was about the software I use to create graphics, music, and video on Linux without Adobe, and the second was Part-1 of my Guide To Music/Audio Production on Linux.
I didn't gain as many subscribers as I'd hoped(51 on Youtube, 31 on Bitchute), but I can safely say Steemit is where I had the most engagement with people via upvotes and comments. Thousands of upvotes, and scores of comments. Thank you guys.

And For 2020:

The goal of 2020, is more. More frequent video publishing, more subscribers, more writing like this on Steemit.

​ I currently have two videos that are in progress worth mentioning.

  • An introduction to the Markdown markup language.(The way I style these potsts before they reach Steemit), and review of 5 of my favorite Markdown editors.
  • A tutorial about setting up a LAMP(Linux, Apache, MySql, and PHP) web server for running your own Ghost or Wordpress blogs, or Nextcloud/Owncloud servers.

I plan to do a lot of fun stuff in the near future. Most importantly and time-consuming is the next parts of the Linux Audio/Music Production Guide.
I also want to finally finish my video about producing video on my Android smartphone, but the constraints of working on the phone have made me procastinate on finishing it for at least 6 months now.
And of course more reviews of Linux distros! But I also want to review some more obscure and interesting operating systems like Haiku, Plan9, and Inferno. There may also be a MacOS review :)

Please subscribe to my video platforms if you have accounts on them! Thank you guys for all your kind words and support, it literally means the world to me when I spend a lot of time putting out this content while maintaining a job managing merchandising at a retail warehouse. Special shout-out to @mytechtrail here on Steemit, and JesseWebb who can be found on Minds:(https://www.minds.com/jessewebb/). Both of them have been supportive and helpful new e-friends.

Hope you all have an Awesome New Year!

  • Jay H, DS-Tech Media.