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RE: New Research Finds Connection Between Soybean Oil Consumption and Neurological Conditions

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I don't need a study to know that soybean oil is 🤮🤮👍 but some do🤷😉with all the subsidies that the soybean market gets it def isn't within their interest to have this information become well known 😂 🙃if you are tired of seeing any single scientific study on this earth be believed ....then go do something else? 👋🚪


Lol, nice deflection.. It's a bean!! It's served humanity quite well for thousands of years..

I didn't say I reject any single study...In context I'm clearly talking about these asinine battles of the oils.. Hell, I saw eggs be the worst thing ever only to become the incredible edible egg n back n forth a dozen times in my life..

As if other oil industries dont have lobbyists and subsidies? I even cited a recent example in regards to a Harvard study on coconut oil..

I don't know what exactly it is you presume I do, so as to think I should be doing something else other than spending 3 minutes offering you a counter point to your post with a disclaimer.. Seems you took my views personally for some bewildering inexplicable reason and then gave me a "good day to you sir" emoji ending..

Messianic complex disorders are prevalent though so I excuse your juvenile response.

Please tell me which oils are cool with you?

I don't see how it is a deflection? The funding comes from various organizations, why not contact the authors directly so that you know specifics and then can argue against the study more accurately? rather than executing assumptions and generalizations. The funding most likely comes from the state and like I said they fund incredible amounts of subsidies for soybean markets and would be detrimental to promote a narrative that soybean oil isn't as healthy as it is. But that is my assumption, I could be wrong. Don't really care, still not touching soybean oil if I can help it.

The scientific method seems to always be skewed in favour of churning out results that keep funding alive..

If people would follow the money they'd find just about all these "research shows, studies suggest" articles are full of shit..

Not all scientific studies on earth are full of shit.

I just don't value wasting my time on lost causes.. like arguing. Hope you have a good day✌️.. maybe in the future follow people who don't post things that trigger you as such? Also It sounds like you think this post is shining a negative light on coconut oil?...which is doing anything but, so perhaps you haven't even read it yet. Why do you care what oils I like or don't like? Go enjoy your day.

Define " the state" also "they" ? Why do u h8 soybeans and it's extracted lipids and essentials?

Why should I contact the authors? Why do you post things and then tell me about how you don't waste your "valuable time" having a discourse, my words, (not yours) about your suspect fear mongering narrative you support with soybeanism?

You're a legumist and if I don't stand up for frijoles who will?

Your conversational tone tells me you have expectations that your content will not attract opinions that differ from your very intimate attachments to soy, something humans have lived off of for long enough for you to slide out of your mom's ass crack..