New Research Finds Connection Between Soybean Oil Consumption and Neurological Conditions

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You can find a wide variety of cooking oil options on the shelves today.

Among the options are items like coconut oil, canola oil, sunflower oil, corn oil, soybean oil, and others. The soybean oil is the most popular, the most consumed oil in the United States right now, with canola oil coming in as a popular alternative to it.

Health experts have traditionally championed soybean oil, along with other alternatives, as a superior health choice to make, but it might not be.

Recent research has found further evidence that the consumption of soybean oil is linked with potential genetic changes in the brain.

Scientists have observed both neurological and metabolic changes in mice who were fed the substance.

Those mice were found to have decreased levels of oxytocin in the hypothalamus, and researchers believe that this data adds to the notion that soybean oil contributes to a variety of affects, not just the risk of fueling obesity or diabetes, but also potentially even worsening neurological conditions like anxiety, depression, and even Alzheimer's disease.

Researchers discovered that the soybean oil induced insulin resistance, diabetes, obesity, and fatty liver in the mice. Overall, they noticed the obvious impact that it had on the hypothalamus.

"The hypothalamus regulates body weight via your metabolism, maintains body temperature, is critical for reproduction and physical growth as well as your response to stress," - M. Curras-Collazo, UCR associate professor of neuroscience, lead author on the study.

The research team discovered that there are more than 100 genes being directly impacted by the soybean oil diet, infecting their ability to function correctly.

The more that they can understand the potential negative consequences of consuming this oil, the better researchers can discover the truth that will help to devise a plan to improve brain function and diseases for those who are suffering from them. Though, they didn't discover that the oil causes those diseases, they've witnessed that it certainly does not help.

Next, they will be looking to further investigate and isolate the specific chemicals in the oil that might be fueling this problem. With that knowledge they hope that eventually better oils can be crafted that might not pose such a side effect.

Researchers have admitted that the notion as to whether or not soybean oil is healthy or good for you has yet to be proven.

Coconut oil was also tested and it was seen to produce very few changes.

This might come as a surprise to many who have bought into the recent anti-coconut oil hysteria, with some going so far as to refer to it as "pure poison".

Researchers want one message to be taken away from their recent study and that is for people everywhere to seek to reduce their soybean oil consumption.

This might be hard to do seeing as soybean oil has literally made its way into dozens of food products, not just the obvious oil bottles. You can find it in a number of foods, even salad dressings.


The information that is posted above is not intended to be used as any substitute for professional medical advice, or diagnosis or treatment. The above is posted for informational purposes only.


Who paid for this research again? The scientific method seems to always be skewed in favour of churning out results that keep funding alive..

So tiring seeing people buy into this garbage.. Coconut oil was attacked a couple of years ago and guess who paid for the studies? The canola oil council and killafornia walnut commission..

If people would follow the money they'd find just about all these "research shows, studies suggest" articles are full of shit..

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I don't need a study to know that soybean oil is 🤮🤮👍 but some do🤷😉with all the subsidies that the soybean market gets it def isn't within their interest to have this information become well known 😂 🙃if you are tired of seeing any single scientific study on this earth be believed ....then go do something else? 👋🚪

Lol, nice deflection.. It's a bean!! It's served humanity quite well for thousands of years..

I didn't say I reject any single study...In context I'm clearly talking about these asinine battles of the oils.. Hell, I saw eggs be the worst thing ever only to become the incredible edible egg n back n forth a dozen times in my life..

As if other oil industries dont have lobbyists and subsidies? I even cited a recent example in regards to a Harvard study on coconut oil..

I don't know what exactly it is you presume I do, so as to think I should be doing something else other than spending 3 minutes offering you a counter point to your post with a disclaimer.. Seems you took my views personally for some bewildering inexplicable reason and then gave me a "good day to you sir" emoji ending..

Messianic complex disorders are prevalent though so I excuse your juvenile response.

Please tell me which oils are cool with you?

I don't see how it is a deflection? The funding comes from various organizations, why not contact the authors directly so that you know specifics and then can argue against the study more accurately? rather than executing assumptions and generalizations. The funding most likely comes from the state and like I said they fund incredible amounts of subsidies for soybean markets and would be detrimental to promote a narrative that soybean oil isn't as healthy as it is. But that is my assumption, I could be wrong. Don't really care, still not touching soybean oil if I can help it.

The scientific method seems to always be skewed in favour of churning out results that keep funding alive..

If people would follow the money they'd find just about all these "research shows, studies suggest" articles are full of shit..

Not all scientific studies on earth are full of shit.

I just don't value wasting my time on lost causes.. like arguing. Hope you have a good day✌️.. maybe in the future follow people who don't post things that trigger you as such? Also It sounds like you think this post is shining a negative light on coconut oil?...which is doing anything but, so perhaps you haven't even read it yet. Why do you care what oils I like or don't like? Go enjoy your day.

Define " the state" also "they" ? Why do u h8 soybeans and it's extracted lipids and essentials?

Why should I contact the authors? Why do you post things and then tell me about how you don't waste your "valuable time" having a discourse, my words, (not yours) about your suspect fear mongering narrative you support with soybeanism?

You're a legumist and if I don't stand up for frijoles who will?

Your conversational tone tells me you have expectations that your content will not attract opinions that differ from your very intimate attachments to soy, something humans have lived off of for long enough for you to slide out of your mom's ass crack..

@porters here on behalf of @NaturalMedicine - Thanks for sharing - some good info here!

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This is very interesting, thanks for sharing with us! Upped 💯 and resteemed👍👌

thanks for the upvote and resteem!

Soy makes me gassy...

I have to admit that I have never been very fond of soy products... in spite of so-called experts touting their "goodness." I wasn't big on them before there were scares, and I am still not big on them... Sad, how few people actually think for themselves... but then, that's no news, is it?

BTW I live in Asia and give zero forks about a flu 😂 Studies show placebo is powerful and the media controls perspectives like an acid flashback..

I apologize I'm a bit curt and enjoy stirring the pot. I fancy myself tougher than sensationalism and flavour of the week conspiracy theories..

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Our problem, as the stupid humans that we are, is that we mis-categorize things (usually due to our lack of understanding, and some politicians hands being greased)

So much of our neurological structure is made up of fats and oils.

The problem is, the body will use good fats and bad fats.

And just like putting diesel in a gasoline car will make it die a horrible death,
putting seed based oils in a human body produces various breakdowns.

Such as?

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Not sure what part you are replying to.

Almost all the neurological disease. Like Alzheimer's all the way down to depression.
Arthritis, muscle control/spasms. Phantom pain. (not from missing limb)