Klein Vision Flying Car Might Be Available Soon

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Just recently Klein Vision achieved the first inter-city flight for a flying car and with their operation they have effectively made some sci-fi dreams into reality now.

Dubbed the AirCar this flying car recently was able to successfully complete the inter-city flight in the two-seat vehicle which drove to its destination after landing.

The flying car has been made in Slovakia and right now the price point sits at about $2 million.

It can carry up to 440 pounds, can fly 600 miles at 8,200 feet, going 118 mph, and going from flying to car version can be done in around 3 minutes.

Just as trips to space quickly ramped up once that became a commercial reality, a waiting list it is expected for the flying car market too, they're likely to see the same demand.

Within a few years it is estimated that this could be a trillion dollar market.

The recent flight test with the AirCar was about 35 minutes and went from Nitra to the capital Bratislava.

It might be only a few years away from people being able to purchase one, or possibly a lot sooner.

They have bold plans to get out quickly and have these cars on the market by next year and it is likely that they're going to see thousands of orders being placed even at that price for $2 million.

They are also allegedly working on a second model of the flying car that might be capable of landing on water.

It will take some time for communities to learn how to transition to adopting this sort of transportation method and where they might allow people to travel to and from, and what other limits might be placed on the market to start with. There are various companies working on this endeavor around the world today, they've been working on it for years, and it could only be a matter of time before we truly start to see this transportation method take flight in the next decade.


I wonder what happen to the volocopter thing we tested in Singapore last year
Seems no news of it.

yeah i liked that one! need a transportation upgrade because the work commute is a joke lol😎