Getting Health Advice From Pill Pushers

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It could be said that many doctors out there today contribute more to ailment than they do to health, especially because the majority of doctors are not well-versed in human nutrition. Because of their lack of knowledge on nutrition they have been known to give out incredibly detrimental advice, downright dangerous, that conflicts with what those who do study nutrition might often advocate.

The average medical school in the United States spends less than 20 hours focused on nutrition, across a 4 year education.

What you can find across the board in many different regions is the eagerness of plenty of doctors to prescribe pills as a health solution. Previous studies have shown that doctors in the US who had received direct payments from opioid manufacturers were more likely to prescribe those pills. It has become so prevalent that now it's difficult for authorities today to distinguish between pill pushers and legit, honest doctors.

Previously, the DOJ arrested a pharma billionaire for allegedly bribing doctors to prescribe a fentanyl spray, as well as using fraud to prop up sales.

From shelling out opioids and a myriad of other pills, to giving out useless drugs that don't do anything, it's not hard to see why there might be a pill epidemic or why many might not be satisfied with the services they get from their doctor.

It's alleged that trust in doctors today has declined more than 70 percent with Americans, and it has been said that this growing distrust of physicians could have widespread detrimental effects to public health. Other surveys on public opinion confirm the same, that trust has greatly declined over the years.

One previous study discovered that nearly all doctors in the U.S. are guilty of over-prescribing addictive pills.

Almost all of them are giving out prescriptions that exceed federal limits which has prompted some to suggest that many doctors today might just need more education and training. It's been suggested that some doctors might be over-prescribing because they fear getting complaints. Along with giving out too many pills, some doctors have also allegedly been giving patients more costly tests than their symptoms might warrant, and they might also choose not to perform certain procedures for the individual, that involve more risk than usual.

Too Much Government?

It has been said that the regulatory system itself has been choking the industry and unexpectedly contributing to this problem.

While the preference for those rules to be put into place might hope to protect patients from certain misconduct of a relatively small number of doctors, it could be causing much more harm for many others. How? By fueling a perverse effect on the majority of doctors out there today who become preoccupied by engaging in defensive practice, because they are concerned about potential investigations and complaints, a crackdown from the state.

The reality of big pharma paying millions of dollars to doctors and hospitals, which might later influence them to prescribe certain medications isn't a problem that's specific to the United States alone. Because of the issue, experts have previously called for more transparency on what money is going where.

Given the amount of opioids that have been prescribed, ADHA medication, and other pills, coupled with the glaring lack of nutrition education that many doctors today hold, it's no wonder that trust has eroded with many or why they might not place as much reliability in advice from their doctors as they used to. Physicians today who are engaging in mindless over-prescribing of pills should instead seek to stop treating their patients like guinea pigs and not be afraid to even embrace an alternative approach, even if it goes against what they might have been told or taught for years.

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The information that is posted above is not intended to be used as any substitute for professional medical advice, or diagnosis or treatment. The above is posted for informational purposes only.

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good post!

What are you a College Professor? The research and details of your posts are extraordinary and disciplined . Always well written.

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haha! no never a prof 😃😊thanks for your comment and stopping by🙏 ✌️

Status quo = Power, profit, and control.

30 years as an ER nurse here. Too many (perhaps most) doctors are nothing more than extensions of the Pharma companies. Just push a pill. But on the other end we have a large part of society that is more than happy - they demand - to be given the latest and best new pill to "cure" them. Take responsibility for your health, take control of your health- healthy living and esp. a healthy diet is OUR responsibility.