CDC Says No Trace of Virus on Vials Found in Freezer Marked Smallpox In Pennsylvania

in #stem2 months ago

According to the CDC some frozen vials were recently found in a freezer in a lab in Pennsylvania, the vials were marked 'smallpox' however later on the CDC said they were found to have no trace of smallpox.

The vials were said to be discovered by a lab worker who had been cleaning out the freezer when they noticed that some were marked with 'smallpox' in the freezer that they were working on. The facility where they were found is one that conducts vaccine research.

The CDC along with others were working to investigate the situation and now it has been reported later on that there was no trace of the virus found from those vials.


I had a chickenpox in my childhood, but currently I do not even remember it. Hopefully they will not release some kind of pox, nor any other virus.

that would suck

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