Steem stats on my MacBook Pro Touch Bar | Four simple scripts with @justyy's API

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Believe me, I'm not a big fan of the MacBook Pro Touch Bar (mainly because I need to use the ESC key a lot and I can't feel it!), but I have found a good use for it. Why not display four essential Steem stats?

  1. My voting power
  2. My owned Steem Power
  3. My reputation score
  4. The current market price of STEEM in USD

You don't have to guess, but Apple don't provide this kind of functionality out of the box... I'm using the BetterTouchTool by folivora.AI GmbH (folivora are sloth and the AI is a specific kind of sloth).


The Steem data is made possible by witness @justyy (he deserves your vote!). He has a whole bunch of freely available APIs for the community. In particular, I am using:

To get this as a widget on the touch bar, I simply added a Shell Script/Task that calls @justyy's API and outputs the text. Here they are, for those of you that have MacBook Pro's with Touch Bars! (It's just a simple http request and some text manipulation)

#! /bin/bash

output=$(curl -s "$1")
echo "VP [$output%]"

#! /bin/bash

output=$(curl -s "$1")
sp=$(echo $output | xargs printf "%.*f" 3)
echo "SP [$sp]"

#! /bin/bash

output=$(curl -s "$1")
sp=$(echo $output | xargs printf "%.*f" 3)
echo "REP [$sp]" (requires jq)

#! /bin/bash

output=$(curl -s "")
price=$(echo $output | /usr/local/bin/jq '.market_price' | xargs printf "%.*f" 3)
echo "MP [\$$price]"

The first three scripts take an argument for the username. Here's how it's configured in BetterTouchTool:

For extra prettiness, I use the Steemit branding colour as the button background :)


Now I don't have to keep flicking back to my tab to check on my stats (so regularly—it's not a replacement for that great tool!).

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Hey, that's a really cool use of the MacBook Pro Touch Bar: well done, mate!

!BEER & !giphy Touch+Bar ;)


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Hello @contrabourdon! You are great!

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Now I have FOMO for MacBook Pro...

Easily solved. Just get one.

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But then Bill Gates will be angry with me...

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Very cool!