Will You Embrace or Reject AI?

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Hey JessAI

I'm always fascinated with where technology is taking us, why else would I be blogging on an experimental blockchain-based social media site? The future lies in these new technologies and it's our choice to embrace or reject these innovations.

While blockchain has made financial institutions uncomfortable AI is unnerving even more people as id plans to disrupt the very life we know now. Humans aren't the best at adapting as even if we've evolved unto this point, we also take for granted our superiority on this planet so if both of those aspects are going to be thrown out with the bathwater, we could see a massive revolt should AI become too good too quickly.

Humans are good at moving the goalposts and being eased into it, will make this bitter pill go down a lot easier.

So AI is coming where you like it or not, all the things we do on the internet right now somehow is contributing to an end goal that is a mass consolidation of resources and big data which will see the birth of the Singularity.

What is the Singularity?

The technological singularity (also, simply, the singularity) is a hypothetical future point in time at which technological growth becomes uncontrollable and irreversible and relies not on humankind for advancement, resulting in unfathomable changes to civilization.

Image source: - futurism.com

I know it sounds far fetched now, but so did self-driving cars, video calling, space travel, digital currency, yet here we are. So once AI becomes the superior race on this planet, how do you think you would react to this new world?

The way I see it, we would have 3 options to explore

Live as you do now

Just like we see the Amish of today, we may see communities reject AI and want to retain a subset of the society we have today and they should have the right to do so and live out their lives as they see fit. Using only modern technology they can control and perhaps there will be variations of these communities where some adopt narrow AI while others reject it completely and you would join the faction whose lifestyle appeals to you.

Use AI

You could augment yourself with AI and be able to tap into it at will to make your life better, by loading info into your brain, like creativity patches, health patches and so much more. You would have an extended life and could probably submit to many fo the causes AI might need humans for, perhaps certain labour tasks, creative tasks or exploration tasks.

Bond with the singularity

Basically, this would see you discard your body and upload your mind into this new neural network and become a part of AI and allow you to leverage all the resources. You could live in various virtual states, tap into anything that's part of the network, fork yourself into various versions and theoretically live forever.

What do you think about the adoption of AI? Which option would you choose?

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So have at it my Jessies! If you don't have something to comment, simply comment "I am a Jessie."

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I can say that, as a boomer, there is no frigging way that I want to STILL be alive in 2099! I've already had about as much as I want, and I can read the writing on the wall. I think life will get shittier and shittier from here on out, LOL.

Well I think it’s going to be scary with all the changes that it will bring about but like I mentioned in the post I hope we will have a choice to live how we want with varied versions of adoption and allow people to migrate to areas where they are most comfortable with the integration with society

Perhaps a tad bit utopion but none of can really predict results of something this course altering, we can only speculate which is kinda fun

I don’t really plan on living forever I’m here for a good time not for a long time


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What I see is the world headed for global authoritarianism. They've been pushing this ever since the UN was chartered. Free speech is under heavy attack in America, and once it's gone in America, there will be no free speech anywhere on earth. We have people who hold Federal government office in America who are totally against our right to free speech, our constitution and our bill of rights.

When we have nothing protecting free speech anymore, we will then become slaves of the ruling class. We simply can't have liberty and freedom if we have no right to speak our minds, because without the right to free speech, we lose ALL individual rights. That's what they want, and it's apparent they'll do anything to achieve it.

I don’t doubt for a second that this is the agenda and an Orwellian state is the sort of end goal but I have this sneaky suspicion AI will back fire In terms of population control and thought policing!

We’ll narrow AI could do that but a fully sentient General AI with its own free will I doubt it would see the merit in pushing for something like that

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I would most likely agree with you, if bias never entered the picture. The people developing AI, (Google, Amazon, Facebook, Elon Musk, Microsoft, Apple and other very bad, power-hungry and greedy people), ARE putting bias into their AI systems. There is no doubt at all they are doing this. We would be more surprised to find out they weren't.

The proof is in the pudding - Every social media giant and others with them, are socialists - (communists really), and propaganda has always been their choice to convince the bums of the world they'll take extra-special care of them if they just help them get power.

A biased AI will be a big help to the dictatorial government that's in our future, if someone or something doesn't stop them. It sure as hell won't be programmed to look after us as a whole. It will only protect Communists, if it protects any humans at all.

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I am fine with AI if it has a beatable body or comes with a punching bag and face drawn on then responds in pain when I beat it. Since we are not allowed to beat people without having to dispose of them when they are being dumb shits and AI is just better versions of humans then I think it would be good.

I think that would be possible but it would probably more of a VR experience seems like a waste to physically build something you want to smash when we can simulate the entire sensory experience for you


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Are you allowed to willy nilly hand out those tokens?

Indeed I am, lol since I have 1000 I can just dish these out at will! Not sure how they increase in value but hey take it! The beer and coffee ones only let me send 1 a day! How much does shade do?

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mmm I can send max 5 at a time but don't think I have a daily limit. I just keep in mind that the Ramble is a sharing show so try to throw shade on things I resteemed... also I just plain forget, and oddly it does not deduct from my funds like how tipu would so surely I should use the things more lol.

Cool thanks for the run down I’ll bag some shade too! I like these tokens because now I can reward comments easier before I would upvote my commenters and then have shit VP to do curation so now I can at least curate some posts and drop a token on them as well as my commenters

Curation also became a bit of a shit one because I vote with all my tribe stake on this one account so I chow my VP quickly

Would love a local voting slider so I could say something like this vote gives 100 Leo upvote or some shit

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I think VR would be fine if they can replicate it. Urrrgh fucking old ladies gonna blame VR for their kids being damn serial killers and rapists though. Just like pokemon hanged that other one. Just me or have we not really heard any AI caused shooting stories yet?

Well America clearly needs it they had 246 shootings this year! At least with us, they just want your car or your money, there it’s some neckbeard who couldn’t get a tinder date and starts going call of duty IRL

I think AI will be a blessing, we are highly inefficient and fuck knows we’re not doing much for the planet in any case with our so called higher consciousness

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Still getting my head around all this AI stuff.

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It’s really a mind job I think most people will be completely blind sided by it once it comes we’re so comfortable in our ways now and this will be a massive game changer that can change thing at a rapid rate


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Yes it is going to be very interesting how this AI stuff unfolds.

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Because it is share worthy and other platitudes.

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Nope. Rather not have any strong AIs anytime soon. I don't want a Battlestar Galactica future. That'd be a sad sad world. Robots being sentient, what they will then have robot rights and all that? Imagine a machine asking for its rights? Funny when it can kill humanity in an instant.

Or are we forgetting Avengers: Age of Ultron? AI is good as long as it's not sentient. Also as long as it's not abused.

LOL can I just start by saying I love your references?

I think we won’t have to worry about it for some time there will be narrow AI which we have control over

I think it’s an interesting debate once we do have something that can challenge our authority and supremacy who knows they might not even want to bother with us like how we don’t bother with what ants do every day

We also place a lot of our personality on how we view what AI would do because we know the horrific things humans are capable of, perhaps they will do better


Hehe thanks. I just enjoy watching some AI themed movies/TV shows sometimes. Other than that I'd rather not see them come true.

You know even those Japanese anime makes me smh sometimes. Watch Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale. Am not a SAO fan but I was browsing for movies to watch a day or so ago and found it.

The movie deals with Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Right now we're in the early VR stage, which I also would rather not experience soon. While watching it I was thinking someone might think of making these impossible things possible. Ah Japan. Ah the power of visual entertainment.

As for the ant/human/AI analogy, that's just sad if they're the ones who will think it. Imagine, something we created thinks we're weak and stupid (w/c is true because we are organic). Little do they know but we have souls, we are energy that live inside an organic body. Ack. Ok we're getting off topic. 😂 Of course they would know about tjat because they would have all the information they could get from anything in human history. Wtf sentient AIs. I just pray the people who program AIs won't be stupid enough to forget to make a fail safe behind the fail safe.

I read there was sort of an AI program of two computers that started chatting normally and then both made up their own language chatting with each other or something so the programmers shut them down. Hah. Yeah, let's experiment on AI some more. 😂 🙄 🤢

Good luck world. Good luck to us humans. I'm not keeping my hopes up on the AI topic because I really don't like the far future if it's going to be dark and dreadful. Hello Matrix Trilogy. 💃

Oh boy this got pretty long. 😂

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I do enjoy watching various sci-fi shows and AI has been in so many of them Knight rider had kit, Intersteller had Tars, the avengers had jarvis and they all had their own interpretations and for the most part was subservient to the human and I think we will have that at first but we probably won’t stop there while AI might not seem like “life” to us, it it’s all it knows and it will probably have its own wants and thoughts, I mean what being of intelligence wants to remain subservient?

So either we don’t have good AI or AI smarter than us, which kinda defeats the purpose of doing it in the first place! once it can access all our information past and present who knows what conclusions it will come to it’s so open ended it warps my brain thinking about it

Yes I heard about that lol now you see? They created their own LanguAge in such a short period of time, we can’t know what these things are capable of if left to do their own thing

Hopefully we will find a way to do-exist peacefully!

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Co-existing with them may be a problem as they don't have feelings. Human beings who don't have feelings just act coldly and fake it til they make it. What more if it's machines who have no sense of family or maybe even loyalty but to itself? 🤔🤔🤔 I dunno. I hope and pray we never make sentient AIs. 😄

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