What Will You Do If Working Becomes Obsolete?

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Hey Jessceintists

You know me and my AI obsession and how I feel it will change the way we live as humans and while it may not be in this lifetime, for the next generations they will have to come to terms with it.

If it continues to improve at its current pace, if it speeds up any faster we will be in for sweeping changes that we will have to deal with in this generation which I don't think we're ready for.

They'll need to give us time to adjust and get used to the ideas AI will bring but if not, it's going to be a pretty intense band-aid ripping.


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Working for a living

As a society, we've come to the conclusion that the pinnacle of modern life revolves around working for a living. Many of us spend most of our waking days earning a living wage doing various tasks and exchanging our time for money in what we refer to as a formal economy.

The problem with this economy is that these so-called jobs we've created and value are finite there are only so many people who can be lawyers, doctors, accountants and they're pretty much all going to be disrupted in by AI.

These jobs served a purpose to get us to the point where we are at now, having enough insight to feed into AI but after that, they'll be made redundant.

This economic model has robbed many people of real wealth-generating skills like farming and growing your own food. We spend so much time at these places of work that we need to outsource our food production to stores and factory farming.

As this small market for jobs continues to shrik more and more people drop into lower requirement jobs even if they have degrees pushing those who only low or no qualification people out of the market. This is why unemployment is going to become a problem with or without AI.

We now have a case where having a high school education isn't enough to find work and a living wage continue this race to the bottom with the current system that was never meant to last.

Diselussioned with work

We have created a society of meaningless jobs and slapped titles of importance on them because if we didin't we wouldn't see how meaningless they are. Plenty of people go home hating their job not always because it's their fault but because these jobs generate no value and don't help grow the individual's talents.

Its mind-numbing laborious tasks that do not provide stimulus, it's only done to receive money to spend on mass consumerism to fill the whole or some other life needs.

I'm not saying there aren't people who live their jobs and their co-workers, there are and indeed that's a great place to be in but it's not the case for everyone. Work seems to be seen as a means to an end and not a means for enjoyment and growth.

What if you could spend time on your passion

These new jobs often don't give us real fruits for our labour which is why we need these branded cars, clothing and all this other shit to feel like our labour was worth more than it actually is, which is why we want higher salaries to justify the labour we've given to the market.

  • What if AI completely removed your ability to work and you need to come to work every day.
  • What if AI was able t make the goods and services you needed ridiculously cheap that you would not need to work as much to afford the things you want?
  • What if AI gave us more free time to spend with family, friends, passion projects or learning skills that can not only bring you monetary value but the value in personal growth?

If that were the case, what would you do with your time?

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I most likely would do more with my hobbies/interests and do more traveling also spend more time with friends etc.

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I’d probably be doing the same thing playing soccer, hiking, swimming and surfing and traveling! I do think I would work on occasion to earn some extra income for certain things but I’d be more about my free time


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I will be laughing alot I guess! Nothing much would change for me, I would just become nomadic again but mostlikly on a self sufficient small ferry. I think it's non avoidable this future and it's best to be prepared for it.

I think a job as a therapist will be the last job to go as computers lack sympathy so that's always a good one to be able to do!

Enduro wandering all day!

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Lol I’d be happy to join you on your adventures should I have limitless free time too


I hope people wont become even dumber as soon as they dont have to work anymore

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