Back at the lab again....and a Beta pack opening. Cheers!

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Im back at work, but then again im always working lately. 60 hour work week this week, and last week. A record of 42 nights in a sucks. But, no choice, must keep the grind going.

I did make a move though, since Beta packs got little bit cheaper. A gamble no doubt but got 2 decent pulls.


The lovely....Mischievous Mermaid....and....


The Pirate Captain.

Ill take it. Both somewhat useful, and a cool addition to my collection.

I did open 5 packs of Chaos Legion, but nothing too special. Just a Stitch Leech. Kind of cool i suppose.


Otherwise, a cheers to anyone who happens to pass by and throw a vote my way. Much appreciated and im out here throwing votes around too.



Consider a vote thrown!

I do like getting a goldy in a pack, I got a gold legendary last night from the Chaos sale. I think that is the first time I have ever had such a thing

Nice boom! Thanks my bro.

I remember reading one of your last posts, about your boss i think, El Jefe lol, so i take it youre still grinding hours too huh

Whats the point of it all anyways, the cards, the tokens, the grinding. Just to get a chance at living more free sooner or later maybe?

Lets enjoy. I want to be able to go drink myself silly and rock a kilt, and wake up in a castle lol.


Grinding like a muddafunker, unfortunately.

You can sell those bad boys for cashola or even better,rent them out for a bit of passive income. They might be worth loads or fuck all in the future. Its that crazy gamble :O)

One day we shall all be drinking ourselves silly whilst wearing kilts... In a castle!

What is that graph if you don't mind me asking? 👀🤣

Sleep technologist? wow sound fancy ehehe

Its a sleep study, a polysomnogram technically. Brain waves on top, some muscle activity, ekg (heart) breathing (respiratory) and oxygen. All to see how well a person sleeps.

Thanks for your interest.


It is incredibly interesting! I dropped you a follow :)

My mom works in an hospital so I like medical stuff since young, never got into it, but I like it! 😂



Heck yeah, thats cool, thanks, got you too! I started learning about 11 years ago, and just stayed. Keeps me interested, not too stressful, but working nights kind sucks.

Keep rockin.


Oh man I can imagine ahah you want to get some sleep but have to work on other people's sleep 😂

Thanks! You too :)

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very good card

That's a decent card to pull man!😜

☮️ Graham.

Yeah, its aight. We need some gold foil Kron the undying or some dragons tho man.


Yeah man.. You have just reminded me i need to rent krony again 👍


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Wow 2 golds worth it bro!

Wow! great card.
Have a !PIZZA

Yay! 🤗
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