Steem 13 Week Power Down... Why I Believe It Should Be 4 Weeks Or Less Now More Than Ever With Justin Sun Purchasing SteemIt...

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I have always felt that the power down should be shorter than 13 weeks but now with the situation going on with SteemIt Inc I believe more than ever this should be a priority to our witness's. I would like to hear what the community thinks about this so drop a comment on your thoughts. I would love to hear from a witness also on their thoughts about it.

I myself am hesitant to power up all my Steem because of the 13 week power down. If I could of powered down in 4 weeks or less I would power up all my Steem right away. I feel others would also feel more comfortable powering up their Steem knowing they don't have to wait 13 weeks to power down if they wanted to. 13 weeks is way to long to power down with the volatility of the crypto markets and now with the threat of a possible hostile take over by Tron I feel it is even more important than ever to have the option to power down faster if wanted.

I have been away for a little while so I might have missed something on this topic and would appreciate someone to fill me in if I have missed something.

I would like to be able to power down right away with some sort of penalty or even a 4 week power down would be fine. What do you guys think or how do you guys feel about the power down process?



I agree!!

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