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RE: Bollinger's CHASS-E and the steps towards an electric-RV

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If i was making a electric drive motorhome, i would never use a truck chassis.
Without the engine and drive train a much better and lower motorhome could be built.
Basically just build a steel truss box, attach wheels.

Further, Bollinger is missing one of the most important things for electric vehicles.
Short run hauling / deliveries.

The big thing is that the owner has an industrial building with large transformers where the fleet can be charged overnight.

And the savings is that the owner saves on maintenance costs involved with gasoline engines.


How much lower of an engine do you need than flat with the axle?

Bollinger has other vehicle platforms. I'm guessing the DELIVER-E platform is what you are looking for.

without an engine and an axle, the motorhome could be at such a height where you don't needs steps to enter.
The frame height of the pickup is because of where the axel, differential and drive shaft have to go.

With electric motors, you do not need to take any of that into account. (of course, other constraints come into things.)

I will have to disagree with you, seeing plenty of air lowering suspensions that take the car with a full drive-train all the way to the ground.

The in-wheel electric motors are probably what you would look for, but you still need a frame to build the coach on. And, I bet there are disadvantages to not having connected wheels.