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Even once the Ceo of Google was caught using Iphone.

This is so funny.

I dont use an iphone so i really don't know much.


Many people pushing Android were caught posting on twitter
with Iphone. I have to tell you looking at a Samsung S20, or One plus, etc.
I can see where they beat Iphone, but Apple ecosystem from A-Z is what keep them in business.
Have you checked their stock lately?

If you go Iphone way
you may not go back.
Iphone is so easy to navigate and do what you do everyday with ease.
The real problem out there is the price to get Iphone 11 pro MAX.
That is the real problem

Apple's publicity and packaging is massive. the hype around apple is too much but that is business. The price of iphone is actually too high compared to android. the equivalent of that price for android will do a better job than apple

Hum ! The new Samsung Galaxy are priced just like Iphone.
So far the hardware looks better than Iphone but the actual OS
is what differentiate Apple to all Androids out there.
Got to tell you Iphone is on a pedestal by itself.

Got to tell you Iphone is on a pedestal by itself.