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RE: My Man doing Manly Things

in #stem2 years ago

Hi Becca! What a lovely post! I am like you, these things amaze me, even with my very basic knowledge. But I'll learn!

Hubby thinks it is Cylinder 2 and a spark plug needs to be replaced. "you can do that?!?" We have been married 20 years, and I didn't know this. What a guy. My guy. Taking care of things and bringing hope to this crazy wife of his.

Isn't it the most amazing thing when they do this??? Oh, men don't know the charm they have on us sometimes, am I right?

I just wanted to share that amazing part of my day, and the gratitude I have for that man and the tender mercy from God for giving him to me and helping us out in these moments. Moments that stress out us mere mortals.

It's beautiful to see you happy. Just as you're grateful for him, I hope he is twice as grateful to have you! Thank you for sharing.


He does love me probably twice as much, and I count myself blessed. I am really blessed especially at this stage in my life when I am pulled in so many directions. He is patient. God knew the kind of man I needed at 20, at 40, and for who I will be at 60+. It is amazing how these little things impact us.