A little amount of Staking in STEM

in #stem2 years ago

(This is my personal free translation from Spanish to English, not exactly translation from my post: https://hive.blog/staking/@aljif7/un-poco-de-staking-en-hive-engine-dic-2020; which I forgot, by the way, to put the label leofinance)

Hello HIVE friends,

Ten days ago, I began to try the staking process in different cryptos at Engine.

STEM caught my attention for now:

Y por ahora de las que veo más interesantes en rendimiento es STEM:

Screen Shot 2020-12-23 at 4.58.17 PM.png

I did a staking of 64 STEM, and then three days ago I have received 1.2431 STEM and the same amount going to staking. (So, I have receive 2.4862 STEM). I am thinking the best would be to put the rewards on the staking, so the next rewards could have more. Well, this is only my intuition. I will see and compare over the next results.

I will review other stakings later. But for now STEM called my attention. I am also thinking to input some more STEM at the staking with a little buy...

Blessing investments my friends!