Don't worry, AI won't overtake the world... but it's worth watching🧠

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I will allow myself to say that the skill I am constantly training every day is my ability to make decisions, it'd really just called critical thinking.

I like informing myself about what is going on in the field of AI, even if I have to watch something that I consider 'easy' or for 'beginners', as I feel that this allows me to have a broad idea of what is actually going on and I could make better decisions in the future based on that extra information I acquired.

I was watching the latest course by Andrew Ng in Coursera: AI for Everyone and I just started feeling extremely identified with the fact that people have a wrong idea of what AI is actually capable of doing nowadays. Basically, he divides AI into two subfields:

  1. ANI (Artificial Narrow Intelligence)
  2. AGI (Artificial General Intelligence)

ANI is the ability of a computer to perform a specific task extremely well while AGI refers to the ability of a machine to learn a task that a human being can. While nowadays we are capable of making machines perform a single task (ANI) we are quite far from human level AI (AGI). I see quite a lot of people trying to sell 'AI systems' that in reality are not valid and whose target are, obviously, people outside the field who trust this because of a poor critical thinking skill.

Be smart, be careful, and never stop questioning until you actually prove that something is valid.



The challenge people face is that AI is better at watching people than people are at watching AI.

I will finish my smug comment with a wine which should be followed by actions from an inebriated bot.


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