Do you think AI is really helping to fight the war against mis/disinformation? 🤔

in #stemlast month (edited)

I want to use both terms here: misinformation and disinformation. Let's just all first get on the same page: misinformation is referred to inaccurate and false information shared accidentally, while disinformation is the same inaccurate and false information but shared deliberately. I truly believe disinformation can cause misinformation too.


The thing is... I started using Twitter again after stopping for couple of years, and my experience so far has been quite shocking. I am exploring now the effect of hashtags on Twitter and to give you an example: if I use the correct hashtag I can get now around 18 retweets within 30 seconds, regardless if my content is related to the hashtag itself 😕 I found this quite scary, this is an extremely short time span!

The interesting part is that we are trying to build better and more powerful AI systems to avoid the spread of disinformation or even computational propaganda that we generate ourselves by also using AI bots. It is a bit controversial and just sounds like a massive computational fight between powerful systems.

I want to know what is your opinion on this matter. I guess the only way that we could fight against this subject is by creating a super AI human that would be trained with our core values, and we can start even a more controversial topic on “which values would that be” based on the differences in culture that we have between societies.

I feel like maybe AI is not the solution to this, or at least might not be the most powerful one to go by alone... think about false positives. I don’t fully know myself how would I address this problem but it is definitely something we should be caring about.

What do you think?