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RE: Epistemological Path to Understanding Suicide in Society [Protection of Life]

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Wonderfully written post on a hard subject to discuss.

One of the biggest things to remember about someone who is suicidal is not to view them as selfish. I know that is the thinking that has become ingrained in us. For many they honestly feel they are taking pain away from others so they do not have to live with it. Yes it is tunnel vision, but when your sense of reality has been warped into an all consuming pain you can't see the light at the end of that tunnel. This isn't the case with all suicide, but it is in a large part.

One of the biggest reasons it has become a criminal act was due to the fact whatever government, monarchy, and such view citizens as property. To do harm to one's person or another person would be a crime against the government, which you do elude to.

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It is gratifying when we receive contributions, opinions, comments and even criticisms to improve the work we are doing, in this case, the etiology of suicide and its impact on society; a State that condemns, punishes and stigmatises anyone who takes this path of physical self-destruction, because the soul never dies as the great sages of all times have implied.

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