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RE: A European Grand Tour, and Smallpox

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This post was mentioned by @kharma.scribbles during "Pimp Your Post Thursday" (PYPT), the oldest curation-show on Discord for Steem posts. Your article is very detailed and full of information about smallpox. I applaud your research and your citations at the end! Bravo! I enjoyed reading about the trip to Europe and so glad that you and your mother were able to see some of the amazing sights there! Kudos for this great piece of writing and sharing your personal experiences! 😊

Thank you! I just discovered @kharma.scribbbles a couple of days ago. She seems like a very interesting person. And through her, you discovered me. I've looked at your blog. I read one post where you describe your methodology. Work hard, be thorough and careful. Sounds like the way I approach my blogs. I'm so glad we discovered each other :)) A lot of nice people on Steemit. You'll find some of them in the comments on this blog.
Good luck to all of us after Hardfork 21. I have no idea what it will mean, but I'll be here, no matter.
See you after the 'big event'.
Thanks again for your kind words and support.