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RE: Cats and quantum computers have more in common that one may think of…

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You say to not trust anything on the internet, yet I read this on the internet. That is a paradox in itself.


Somehow. By not trusting, I was implicitly saying that one should double-check, get alternative versions, investigate the various authors, etc... Of course, in physics, it may be easier to do than for more controversial fields :)

That's the key part, its abstract but at the same time concrete enough to actually be able to fact check. Unlike almost every project in the cryptospace rn hahha

This is what is good with science. In principle, everything can be verified. I said "in principle" because unfortunately, not everything is open access and unfortunately again, some people cannot access their favorite theory to be falsified. Those are of course two counterexamples among others ;)

But yes, everything I have said has been argued and is in addition open to debate. I don't ask anyone to 'trust' me. I think I have given enough information so that anyone can get his/her own idea and verify anything he/she would be confused with.