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RE: My own research on Steem: leptoquarks at the Large Hadron Collider

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Sorry to hear that the coronovirus is keeping you from your work at the moment


That is fine, please don't worry. Strictly speaking, I am still working, but from home, as quarantine does not mean vacation.

On Monday, I will experience lecturing a black-board-style lecture without a black board... We can adapt ourselves for the common good :)

I appreciate your description of the x and y axes on the graph of strength of interaction and leptoquark mass. If you don't mind me asking, could you explain the units and symbols for the y axis? What do the subscripts and superscripts mean?

Sure I can do that :) Thanks for asking! Any question is appreciated.

There are several classes of leptoquarks (something that I didn't mention in this post). The S3 one consists in one of them. The '3' means that they come as triplets of particles (with different electric charges given as the superscript) and dictate how the interact through the weak interactions.

Now let's go back to your question and the y-axis. The '3' as a subscript simply connect it to the interaction of the S3 leptoquark. The indices indicate which quark of the Standard Model and which lepton the S3 leptoquark interacts with. Does it clarify?

In the natural system of units for particle physics (hbar = c = 1), the y interaction strength is dimensionless.

Yes, that helps clarify. Thank you!

You are very welcome!