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RE: Some thoughts about STEM on Steem - bonus: a complete introduction to particle physics

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Well said @lemouth. SteemSTEM is really doing what other groups on the steem blockchain are not doing and it feels great to be part of this great project.

In countries like mine, one limitation in carrying out a study is having access to literatures. Most go for a particular fee(In well developed countries I'm aware the university helps out in this respect). Imagine what happens when you need like 10 or more of them and you still have to spend in other areas of the project.

Having free lecture notes on the blockchain will go a long way to helping people in various ways. Students can better themselves and professionals can expand their knowledge.

Thanks so much for the effort to help people grow.

Highest regards!


Thanks for your comment. You may want to check what I answered to @greenrun with respect to finding lecture notes for free. Lecture notes are indeed in principle easy to find on the web. But I think having a kind of repository here could be helpful, in particular with lecture notes designed for the people using the Steem blockchain!