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SteemSTEM would benefit from a way to bring well written, relevant articles to the attention of its curators. Not all science articles are tagged seeking a vote nor even aware of it. On Discord suggestions for discovering such writing has received a tepid response. All Steem communities ― even those with the firmest footholds ― are yet nascent. Growth and openness should be an ongoing focus.


Thanks a lot for this very useful feedback. I am actually developing something for curation, but this is too premature to talk about it. But this will help reducing the amount of missed posts.

Now, let's go back to the topic.

First, I would like to emphasize that curation and the app consist in two different things. Our curators are tracking all STEM tags (and not only the steemstem one), including science, technology, etc. In contrast, the app only features what is going on with posts carrying the steemstem tag. Other posts can hence get voted but won't be visible on the app. This is a choice we made long ago.

Concerning the fact that our curators may miss some posts, this is of course possible. They are humans after all. However, from my past experience about those 'missed' posts, sometimes they are actually not eligible for support from steemstem for this our that reason. The best way, if you think a post should be supported, is to contact the SteemSTEM honor members on discord. Their role is to help to make an author supported and they have a way to directly submit posts to curators.

Thanks for taking the time reply. The point here is not about missing posts, nor about the app. I refer to SteemSTEM, the endeavor overall, not taking an interest in potential. Here is an illustration:


That's the extent of the conversation, crickets follow. Now, I am not meaning to single out @mathowl. It happens to be the example I have closest at hand.

Contacting the SteemSTEM honor members on discord didn't make a difference in this instance.

Unfortunately, a strong science writer (IMO - maybe curators would have shared it, had they looked) lost interest in the platform. This is not a loss to me, we're strangers. But it's a loss to the chain.

Best wishes for the feature you will add to prevent missing posts. But, as you've already established above, SteemSTEM doesn't necessarily have a problem of overlooking content. I think you may have a small problem of overlooking opportunities to engage.

I appreciate the points you made above and I will leave it at that.

What is true is that using the steemstem tags helps our curators. But this is not a requirement for getting some support from SteemSTEM.

For this specific case, if the honour members didn't react, it is maybe because the post was not reaching our guidelines or maybe because of an abusive behaviour.

Note that I don't defend anyone here as I only have a fraction of the information. I am just bringing in potential reasons why the post was ignored.

Anyways, the new curation system I am designing will actually merge posts carrying all tags related to the STEM fields. This should help.

We have an internal task division. Potential is scouted by curators or honor members. Authors themselves can come to the steemstem-chat to ask for help with writing. There is also still a lot of abuse on the chain so things are checked before we engage. Unfortunately, most steemians don't do a proper check of content or user.

I noticed that you delegated to @adenijiadeshina he is a blacklisted user by Steemcleaners. ( Could you give me the info on what service you used for the delegation?