SteemSTEM Distilled #121

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Steem is currently living hard times, but we at SteemSTEM decided to move on with curation (and follow what is going on on the chain, of course). @lemouth is thus happy to share this fresh distilled of the best SteemSTEM posts of last week with you.

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Before moving on with the two best posts that have been selected by @lemouth (from all the posts found by our curators last week), here are a few of the most supported posts (of last week):

@corsicaOne journey for a child #7
@svemiracAstronomy - Community for all space enthusiasts
@lemouthLeptoquarks at the Large Hadron Collider
@tomleeImproving Drilling Mud with Soda Ash and Barite
@anaestrada12How to remove a foreign body from the skin
@carloserp-2000What did Lorentz and Zeeman do to win the Nobel Prize for physics in 1902?
@cyprianjThe kinetics of drug elimination/clearance
@anaestrada12Invasive treatment of cardiac tamponade
@alchemageUsing Withania somnifera (Ashwaganda) to cope with Stress
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Our top choices

What did Lorentz and Zeeman do to win the Nobel Prize for physics in 1902?

We are pleased to emphasise the post of one of our curators, @carloserp-2000, who shed light on the history behind the 1902 Nobel prize in physics. Zeeman and Lorentz got it, but how and why? You will know more by looking into the post, in which you may learn (or be reminded) a few things about radiation and magnetism.

Improving Drilling Mud with Soda Ash and Barite

Our SteemSTEM member @tomlee attended an interesting meeting about engineering in Nigeria, with a focus on the need for being more local. In other words, it focused on trying to diminish importations. The post reports about a project aiming at improving the way clay is made in Nigeria.


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Thank you very much
I hope this community will not end, it is very helpful and get good knowledge here. :)

We will still be there, hopefully. The future of Steem is quite uncertain, but I am optimistic.

I hope so too.
Optimistic that makes me stay here 👍
Have a great day @lemouth

Thank you so very much for your continued support of my work and other content creators publishing great content!

You are welcome! The pleasure is for us :)

Nicely done authors! And a big shoutout to the SteemStem team 👍

Thanks! :)

Thank you for the mention of @lemouth... Despite the difficult times that the blockade chain is going through, we are still working to continue supporting high quality scientific content... Force for all STEEM communities today more than ever we must be united

I am still very happy to read interesting articles. Regardless the times :)

And fun fact, I am overly motivated to resume the development of But maybe this is just not the right moment :D


Thank you very much for the mention. While I'm currently writing two non-STEM articles I will, of course, return to my true STEM passion.

Great!!! STEM is the passion of everyone here and we are happy writing and interacting with the community

Great to read! And we will always be there to read them (hopefully we won't miss them ;) ).

Wow! I can't be more elated right now! I'm glad to have contributed to knowledge; I believe that is the main objective of a research.

I look forward to sharing more insights as it relates to Petroleum Engineering!

Congratulations @tomlee for your excellent work


This was an interesting post, especially for people like me living in Europe and unaware of much of what is happening in Africa.

Glad it was insightful

Wow, @lemouth! Coronavirus, hostile takeover and yet you produce Steemstem Distilled. That's a leader :) Thanks for this handly index to wonderful articles.

Yeah... coincidences happen, sometimes ;)

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Thank you very much for all the support during my 2 years publishing my medical content, it is a pleasure for me to be part of this wonderful community