SteemSTEM Distilled #106

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Here we go this week for another distilled. This week, we are happy to say that the "resteem" of the best supported posts by SteemSTEM is now fully working and automated. However, in a close future, this feature will be restricted to posts written in English. Moreover, some of these posts will be featured on our Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Reddit accounts.

In the meantime, do not forget to say 'hi' either on the SteemSTEM discord server or on our Steem Chat channel.

[image credits: @medro-martin]

Before presenting the top two handpicked post choices of @lemouth and some statistics, we are happy to display the best SteemSTEM articles that have been found by our (English-speaking) curators last week:

@spectrumeconsWill we always have a market for lemons?
@scienceblocksThe miscommunication between T cells and microbiome makes the poor mice fat - Journal club
@chappertronMitochondrial medicine: Fact or fiction? Part II – Mitochondria and the cellular crosstalk.
@astrophoto.kevinThe North America Nebula
@abigail-dantesMetacognition, Neuroplasticity & PR’s Incredible Brain.

Interested in being part of that list, please check these guidelines or ask for a mentor on Discord or on the Steem Chat.

Our top choices

Will we always have a market for lemons?

We bring you this week in the world of economics! With his post, @spectrumecons discuss the car market and how to sell bad quality cars(lemons) and fgood quality cars (peaches). There may always be a market for the worse stuff. Please check the post for more information.

Mitochondria and the cellular crosstalk

A couple of weeks ago, our curator @chappertron initiated a series about mitochondrial medicine, ranging from their definition (this was the topic of the very first post on the topic) to much more interesting details. In the post of last week, the author discusses mitochondria dysfunctions and how they could be classified. Bonus, Dracula is even mentioned in the post!


SteemSTEM offers support to anyone using our app, We recall that:

  • Posting an article through the app automatically yields a 5% stronger upvote at curation time.
  • Posting a reply to an article (or to another reply) from the app can sometimes yield some SteemSTEM support.
  • Setting @steemstem as a beneficiary to the post automatically yields a stronger upvote (up to 5%).

Last week, the SteemSTEM curator teams have supported 55 posts written by 43 authors. 15 of these posts have been posted through the app (and got a 5% stronger upvote). Among these 55 posts, we find:

  • 32 small upvotes (less than 20%)
  • 16 medium upvotes (in the 20%-50% range)
  • 7 large upvotes (larger than 50%)

In addition, we have upvoted 55 comments posted through the app, written by 8 authors.

The list of upvoted post authors, potentially getting some extra support from @curie, is:
@abigail-dantes, @ameet77804, @anaestrada12, @answerswithjoe, @astrophoto.kevin, @autavio72, @borjan, @capp, @carlos84, @cervantes, @chappertron, @chris94, @edduin, @elvigia, @estefanyd26, @faltermann, @felixrodriguez, @gra, @hongtao, @iptrucs, @joelagbo, @joseangelvs, @joshman, @lupafilotaxia, @magicmonk, @maryincryptoland, @mathfortress, @newton666, @orbital753, @ozelot47, @phoenixwren, @rbalzan79, @rerere, @ryo-6414, @scienceblocks, @sebbbl, @sembrandounpais, @sketch.and.jam, @spectrumecons, @stem-espanol, @svemirac, @ubaldonet, @ulisesfl17

The upvoted comments have been written by: @abigail-dantes, @agmoore2, @alexdory, @carloserp-2000, @elvigia, @lemouth, @lupafilotaxia, @scienceblocks

All curation rewards earned will be used to fund @steemstem project functioning and activities.

See you all next MonTuesday (or later)!

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Happy to say I read every one of the 'best' articles except the one about 'Lemons'. Some of my favorite authors represented here, not just on Steemstem, but everywhere on the platform. Scientists of the first order who also know how to communicate, who care to communicate.
Thanks for highlighting their work.

The lemon article is actually interesting. I really recommend it, especially as the topic is not that much covered in SteemSTEM :)

Thanks for the nice words towards the authors ^^

I will, I promise. I see you and Abigail have new articles. Looking forward to reading these. Things happening all the time on :)

The good thing with the current low trafic, is that everything can be followed :D

Excellent content shown by our authors during the past week! congratulations to all who receive support from the best scientific community of steem

Thanks for passing by and the nice comment ! :)