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RE: A European Grand Tour, and Smallpox

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Thank you so much! I did post on's how I got to designate a beneficiary. Afterwards, I needed to edit and had a little trouble so I used my Steemit blog to make the edit. It's hard to explain how I got involved, but I did. Anyway,, all the way for me :)

I am currently fixing many things (actually, a lot happened during the last 2-3 days). Normally, from now on, whatever looks great on the Steemit UI should look the same (i.e. great) here too. Feel free to come back to me in case of bugs!

PS... SteemPeak allows for all that for all tribes all wrapped up in one package!
Plus it looks great AND has access to features you never realised you needed so bad - you will be soo glad because you will be able to increase your amazing creating potential above its already amazing level!

🐾 🐾 🐾

Hey, sorry it took me so long to get back around - I've been busy meeting many great people here in the chain. I don't leave my room and have already been growing a nice little network of amazing folks! It's people like you who stand out and it's important I think especially for people like me when we're small. Tribes/Communities have really helped to bring out the community that was deep down all Steemians.
Keep creating that great content that we love to curate around! 🍻

Oh! PS2: This comment's reward pool is 95% allocated to you,
in order to balance out the SteemPeak promotion I did in your comment wall, but most of all it provides a second avenue for people who want to support you x2

You are going to be patient with me, I hope. Figuring out how to optimize crypto and earnings...that is beyond me. I'm basically a blogger and Steem tourist. However, I love the fact that crypto gives people the opportunity to be free of a fiat economy. That's never going to be me, because I'm too easily confused :)
I'm glad to support your blogging here. A lot of people are enthusiastic about Steempeak. For my science articles I use This is a platform populated by interesting, supportive people. Check out some of the articles with a SteemSTEM tag. You'll probably find many of them interesting.
Good luck on your journey here, and in pursuing your fiat-free lifestyle :)

Of course - I only started my crypto journey in January, and it started very slow - using the drip drip drip of faucets until I accumulated enough to start doing a little more and then a little more. Now earning through my blogging has added a whole other layer and I am excited to see where crypto goes!!

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