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RE: Cats and quantum computers have more in common that one may think of…

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Hi @lemouth! Thank you for bringing up this post. It seems really interesting to me but at the same time few things were hard for me to understand since I am not an expert on Quantum Technology.
Whenever I feel like I understood about the Quantum Technology, new things sparks out which challenges my beliefs!! ;)
I have learnt many things here which was shocking for me seeing your dedication towards explaination such as

'Our macroscopic common sense tells us that the quantum state above-introduced, that we wrote α(t) |decayed & dead> + β(t) |non-decayed & alive>, is non-realistic as zombie cats do not exist. This was also the point of Schrödinger, which thus challenges quantum superposition.

In fact, writing a quantum state for a cat has no sense at all, no matter it is dead, alive or zombie. The reason is that a cat has continuous exchanges with its environment, as most macroscopic systems. The ‘cat system’ is thus not an isolated system.' 😇

Hope one day I will be able to understand QM fully!! ;)

Cheers!! 😇


In short: QM applies to the microscopic world and a cat is not part of this world. Therefore, applying QM to a cat makes no sense. I would be like trying to apply particle physics to genetics, somehow :)

Thanks for this short explaination which is now clear to me! :)

You are very welcome! :)