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RE: On my way to the Hive side, with SteemSTEM

in #steemstem2 years ago

I would like it if we still were one of the witnesses on the HIVE blockchhain.

Here on steem, at least 80% of general users weren't even aware of the whole witness thing or the fact that they even exist (from what I read n different discord chats) until JustinSun and his sock puppets struck!

This is no longer the case I hope, and most people will finally be taking their witness votes seriously. I think we should give it a try to push higher up in the witness list.


Thanks for pointing this out. I would like too, but we should remember that I have invested a couple of thousands USD from my own money on the witness. Which is why I am now hesitating. But you are right, we may want to give it a try and see. If things are not sustainable, then it will be the time to shut it down.

Yes definitely. If it’s not sustainable then there is no point in keeping it running.