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RE: Does It Hurt to Sit? The Problem May Be Piriformis Syndrome

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Wow, a brilliant article. Though I kept wondering that why sitting for long periods may cause inflammation of the muscle or around the spinal disc. Then I thought about this recent post I did on pain-sensing neurons being sufficient to induce inflammation. I checked and found some of the TRPV1+ nerve fibres that sense both pain and cause inflammation being involved in sciatic nerve injury. In fact, there are studies discussing blocking these ion channels as a potential analgesic for the treatment of pain relief in this condition. It makes me wonder that, if it is possible that chronically stressing these nerve fibres by your posture might lead to a slow accumulation of inflammation, which then ends up in a positive feedback loop of inflammation + pain -> activation of sensory fibres --> more inflammation and pain. I don't know if anyone has looked into this possibility. It would be interesting to see if type 17 immune response is what is keeping the cycle going.

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Thank you so much!!Brilliant from you is like climbing Mt. Everest for me in the science universe :) I started to read your article with great interest last night and then sleep overcame me. The article wasn't dull but the hour was quite late:))

I think your idea is quite sensible. I will finish that article and consider what you have discussed here. To me it is axiomatic that we must look at old problems in new ways for solutions. Amazing how many people follow the same path, year after year. Innovation and creative thinking lead to progress...that is true in art and science. I think, as poor as my background is in science, the one benefit I have is I don't know anything :) I may make mistakes, but the perspective is original. Also, my ignorance obliges me to be very, very careful when I write.

Thank you again for that uplifting and also informative comment.
Cheers, AG