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RE: My own research on Steem: leptoquarks at the Large Hadron Collider

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I have no Twitter account but I have reached you out on Facebook! Thanks for sharing.

You're welcome, and thank you for the follow on facebook! As described here (or here for, My goal is to get Steem posts in front of eyes on other platforms, so all help is appreciated.

FYI, I also included your post in today's Science and technology digest. Thanks for the write-up. I enjoyed reading it! Hope I did an ok job summarizing.

We used to do something similar from the steemstem facebook, twitter and instagram account. but this is too much work for the size of our team :(

Hello @lemouth,
I hope you continue to be well. It seems we are all ensnared one way or another in this pandemic. Let's hope your positive attitude is universal :)

As for your post: thank you! I actually remember muons (vaguely) from a previous post. That's the nice thing about reading this...pick up vocabulary and a broader understanding of research (and the universe). I'm impressed by the predictive nature of leptoquarks. As hypothetical entities, they gain a little more credibility with this (in my eyes, anyway).

It's nice to see you here.

Good health to you and your family.

I still have zero symptom, so so far so good. However, the incubation period is of about 14 days. I am not there yet (I came back from Korea on Feb 21st). Still a week to go. Let's see how this evolves. For now, the entire family is quarantined at home (we prefer to avoid being a vector if possible).

As hypothetical entities, they gain a little more credibility with this (in my eyes, anyway).

Many particles are highly motivated but escape direct detection. Like dark matter for instance. In another on-going project, collaborators and I investigate a model in which we have both leptoquarks and dark matter. In this way, one unique model to cure many problems of our description of the universe.

I hope you and your family come out of quarantine with a clean bill.

For now, it is all good :)