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RE: Cats and quantum computers have more in common that one may think of…

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Now we are placing animals (cat to be specific) and quantum computers

I hope that I have now convinced about this connection between cats and quantum computers :)

Ans is no but I have an insight and it's a nice have a knowledge like this....Please is there anymore to quantum computers?


I beg your pardon? I didn't fully get your comment (and therefore can't understand it). Do you mind clarifying wha you have in mind? Thanks in advance!

The first part of the comment is the fact that am surprised about the article

The quote is the question you asked at the end... Which my answer is No but I have the knowledge of it, what is left for me is to do my work assignment by reading more

I hope am clear now.... Thanks

Ok I see. In fact, decoherence is the common grounds. It explains what is going on with the Schrödinger's cat, and it is the reason why quantum computing is tough.