New Device That Change Colors Of any Object Infinite Times Just Like Chameleon.

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Some researchers of MIT's Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence laboratory developed a system to change the color of a object infinite times like chameleon. 


The used a new techniques called colorMod(

  In this technique they used photochromic materials which changed their color when it is exposed to light of a desired wavelength. The device used a 3D printer to change the color. The device has also a user interface so that they can load their desired pattern and computer can programmed the device it according it. 

The ink is created by mixing cyan, magenta and yellow photochromic dyes into a single a single spray able solution. The color is controlled according to wavelength and intensity of light. 

In this system we sprayed the solution on the object and then put the object into an box where they used a projector and uv ight source .Scientist already used this technique on a phone cover, car and a toy to change their color multiple times.