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RE: Cats and quantum computers have more in common that one may think of…

in #steemstem5 years ago

This came fro ma lively discussion on the steemstem discord. I don't know whether you are there already, but maybe will you be interested in joining?


Yes, I have been hanging around there a bit, and interesting I didn't realize this was steemstem's kinda thing, was briefly thinking of doing some QISkit tutorials for utopian, though perhaps they would be better directed towards the stem community :)

You can always use the steemstem tag. Maybe our curators will see it. Getting utopian upvotes does not prevent us from upvoting too ;)

Haha good to know, thank you! :) I think that decides it, as I have been interested in doing this for a while now.

Just do something you have fun in doing. That is my only recommendation :)