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RE: A European Grand Tour, and Smallpox

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What a story! As commented out by others, it is clear that such an outbreak would propagate so much faster today, with all these people traveling all around the globe.

She was content to sip coffee in St. Mark's Square, soak up the sun, take in the scenery, watch pools of water dry on the pavement, and marvel at the multitude of pigeons that nested in church turrets.

This is my best part of your story: remembering good and similar memories to me from my honeymoon. Although I must admin that I have visited many of the places you mentioned and described, and that I have excellent memories from there too (without smallpox... I am too young for that).


Sounds like you had a wonderful honeymoon :) I liked writing that line, because I could see my mother as I wrote it. She did love those outdoor cafes, and St. Mark's Square was her favorite.

Most people on Steemit are too young for smallpox memories. Isn't that good news? Now if we could do that for all the other horrible diseases....

I'm really grateful SteemSTEM exists and welcomes articles on such a variety of subjects. It's a joy to write and know there may be an audience. Hats off to you, and other members of the team.

We did a two-week-long cruise on the Mediterranean see, visiting many places in Italy, Greece, Croatia, Turkey, etc. It still sounds like being a trip of yesterday thanks to the nice memories, although this happened more than 10 years ago :)

PS: I discovered that you are older than what I initially thought, although you belong, with people like me or @abigail-dantes, to the old-people category (no offense please). ^^

No offense.

I think Steemit would benefit if more people in my demographic joined. People who are "old" often are looking for an interesting hobby--profit (value of Steem) won't affect their willingness to participate. I think the only hurdle is convincing older people that crypto is not a dark scheme that will swallow up their life savings.

More recruiting/marketing should be done in the older demographic. Forget about the getting rich pitch...just let people know they can have fun, learn, and grow.

Anyway, that's what I think. The golden years could be a golden opportunity for Steem.

old lady.jpg

There you go @lemouth, took this selfie just now. Especially for you! I hope you like it :P


Tadam! Here are the old ones :)



count me in ...

wait, this is another club, I am joining? LOL

They used to call me gradma @agmoore2. Did you know that? One time we were all in the chat and I put an emoji similar to this: 👵. They said it was a nice selfie of mine! 🤣
I told them all to shush and respect the old lady: me!!

Anyhow, welcome to the "old-people category" as @lemouth likes to call it! 😘

Oh my heavens! Grandma! The nerve of the whippersnappers 😂 I prefer Oma😁

It took me a while to come out of the closet. I thought the shock of a blogging septuagenarian might be too much for some of the younger folks around here. But now that I have company (ha ha)...

Very, very good company 😇