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RE: Does It Hurt to Sit? The Problem May Be Piriformis Syndrome

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Talk to my wife about the sciatic nerves. It hurts her luckily still occasionally, but quite deeply and severely. I am however quite confident, after reading your post (that is quite informative and comprehensive), that her pain is probably not related to the piriformis...


I am so sorry. I know that's a special kind of pain. When you twist your back in a certain way, the stabbing response is unforgettable. Usually it resolves for me within a week. And it visits rarely.
Yesterday I saw a physical therapist for a new kind of pain, really unpleasant and limiting, but unlike the first. Therapist explained that it was likely referred pain from the original site of injury, in the spine. I don't know. He has given me exercises to help. I think these are sensible.
Has your wife tried exercises to strengthen the muscles that support the spine? Not that I'm an expert, but it's what I've been told.
Thank you for stopping by. I really appreciate your assessment of my post. It was fun to write and also helpful, for me, personally.

She is like you. The pains stops as sudden as it appeared within days. My wife is trying to exercise herself everyday. But keeping the routine, with two young children around, is unfortunately not that easy.

I am not fully convinced exercising would be enough to fully cure the issue. Does it work in your case?