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Despite the mess currently on-going around Steem, I managed to finalise the deployment of an important feature on the app.
However, before further reading, please consider using your witness votes wisely, if not done already. We can discuss this more into details, e.g. on the SteemSTEM discord.

For what concerns the app, technical information can be obtained directly from our GitHub repository. You can also provide feedback and ask questions through the comments to this post.

As testified by this post, the coronavirus has good sides: I am stuck at home and can go back to other things, on top of family and work. Coding and blogging belong to that category. ;)

Converting Markdown to HTML

As reported months ago by several users, our post editor and viewer had big issues. The problem was sourced to the internal conversion between Markdown and HTML codes. In the previous update, I decided to rely on two public packages to fix this, kramed and meteor-markdown, after pre-processing the body of a post internally.

This was not perfect. Actually, a large majority of posts were still brokenly displayed, especially when videos, links and images were in order. There were unfixable incompatibilities between everything the app was using: the summerlite editor and the two above-mentioned packages.

As existing tools were not working, I decided to create my own method to deal with Markdown and HTML, two commonly used language by the members of our community for post editing. We hence got rid, in the present version of the app (v0.9.25), of all problematic packages.

Videos are now working nicely, as can be seen here or there (this one is pretty amazing), and images and links too, as shown for instance here or there (yes I know this is my own post ;) ).

Another example, illustrated below, could be the latest SteemSTEM distilled.

So what’s next?

I have no answer to that question yet. This will depend on how Steem as a whole will evolve. Personally, I would like to:
  • integrate keychain through the Steem wallet (the one shipped with the app);
  • fix article editing (to make it lighter);
  • combine this app with the SteemSTEM community (see here), as well as with other STEM-related communities;
  • fix a few bugs related to voting (mis-counting, no reward update, etc…).
What I will do precisely and if I will do it… this the future will tell us ;)

Feel free to share your experience with the app, to report bugs or suggestions via the comments to this post or the #app-discussion channel of the SteemSTEM discord server.

PS: This article has been formatted for the front-end. Please see here for a better reading.


Hi @lemouth,
I can't comment on the 'fix'. I'll have to try it when I get a new science blog put together. I guess I'm a great test case for the fix being user friendly, because my command of technology is so poor. However, I would like to say how inspiring it is that you continue to work for the community. As we go through this bump in the road on Steemit, it becomes a test of our commitment and our values. Why are we here? Is it just to make money? Or is there something else holding us together. At the end, if we survive, I think that something else will make us stronger, and better.
Just looking at things through the prism of my world view.

You and your family stay well.


Actually you can comment: it is sufficient to use the app and report any suspicious / not expected behaviour. Therefore, I am looking forward to read your next blog post ;)

As we go through this bump in the road on Steemit, it becomes a test of our commitment and our values. Why are we here? Is it just to make money?

If it was for the money, I will already be gone for many years! I am here for the fun, STEM and the people (not necessarily in that order) :)

It’s great to see you back at work 😁

Have a look at the following please.


I think still slight issue here..? "Before....votes wisely" doesn’t show up as bold and "e.g." didn’t turn out italic. And the link to the steemstem discord didn’t appear as it was intended to.

Oh that is weird. Which browser are you using? I cannot reproduce that.

On the eSteem android app.

Oh I see.

The app has never been really developed for mobile (this is on my to-do list). It looks fine on the mobile preview I can get from chrome or firefox, but I definitely can't test it from the esteem app.

For some reason, my homemade converter seems not to be run by the esteem app. I am wondering why.

I am tagging @good-karma here, in the hope he could help me in indicating what to do in order to have the code running on esteem.

Please forward this to any esteem team member and I would be happy to fix things on my side to have the code running nicely on esteem.

The bold worked in this comment somehow 🤔
Did you use for this comment?


Yes I did use the app. That is weird. I may probably really need help from esteem developers to fix that :/

Hi again. In fact, this mess was about some missing spacing in the HTML code of the post. This should be fixed now.

Please tell me and thanks again for reporting.

I'll try MARKDOWN as it's easier to use and has fewer tags than HTML

Thank you for taking the time to develop our application @lemouh

You are welcome :)

Please try it and let me know if there is any issue!


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