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RE: Cats and quantum computers have more in common that one may think of…

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Interesting reading. One single course about quantum physics I took a few years ago was useful to give me some basic understanding but I know it is nearly not enough to add any of my opinions except to applaud your knowledge. Especially when you connect it with computing science.


Thanks for your nice comment! But please don't be shy and don't hesitate to comment. I am always happy to discuss ^^

I think the different interpretations of QM are interestestimg (pilot wave, Everett's many world's, wavefunction collapse, etc.)

I majored in physics, but I still enjoy learning more and more about it as well as abstract math. Learning is a lifelong process. There are a lot of great videos on YouTube as well.

The different interpretation are interesting, and each has pros and cons. This is still a hot topic 60 years later.

Note that many of these interpretations do not add anything as soon as we confront the predictions to experimental data. I have for instance in mind pilot waves. This is why the simplest Copenhagen interpretation is commonly admitted: there is an amazing agreement with data and I insist, it is simple.

Our community is open and we are friendly, I used to be shy but it helps nobody.
On the other hand asking questions is a commendable thing since it shows that you want to improve yourself, an action that can only mean good for you :P

I 100% agree with you!