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RE: Aha! Moments: The Instant of Creative Insight

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I'm glad you made a blog about this. It is a sign that aha-moments can "haunt" everyone:)

As you know me by now, I am always inclined to examine scientific findings in self-experiment and self-observation, where this is possible.

The exact seat of creativity and Aha! moments has yet to be determined.

I assume that this will not happen in this exact form, which is basically not tragic, because the last secret is always a guarded one and will probably remain so. It promotes fascination with the subject and allows people to satisfy their sense and curiosity. Just look what happens to the secrets that are revealed: they are taken all too for granted and are not appreciated enough. From the philosophical point of view, it would probably be a demoralization to know exactly what God is :)

In the PR and advertising industry these Aha moments are tried to be produced with much energy expenditure. The employees who are supposed to have an idea for a campaign are sent into the lunch break so that they can walk along the river or otherwise not think about their work and the deadline. That was the case when I was working in that industry.

The same phenomenon often happens to me with forgotten names. My man and I talk about someone and his wife, whose names I just can't think of. I know that I know it and then I let go of the convulsive search. Minutes or half an hour later the name just comes to me. So nice to trick your brain in that way!

In art, the new and the completely unfamiliar is often exactly what fascinates us art viewers. But how difficult the beginning is! Art never seen before is often scorned at first, stomped critically into the ground and even mocked. In the observer, the familiar quarrels with the unfamiliar, and depending on whether one is open to aha-moments, they come to one. Artists and researchers have probably always tried to use this for themselves. It has something Buddhist about it, I think.

:D You have much fun with working on your designs. I can see you smiling while doing that. To give oneself the full creative process is such a good thing, no?


Hi Erika,
Thank you for your interesting observation. Fascinating that you had that experience in advertising...those capitalists certainly are clever, aren't they? :)
Yes, I had fun writing. It may seem foolish to some that I spend so much time and effort on little accents--a lot of time. But then, enjoying myself and doing the best I can, that's the experience I want from writing, and everything I do.

@mathowl once gave great advice (in his SteemSTEM curator interview):

If you don't know what to write about, write about what you like then your audience is bounded from below by one."

As for the unfamiliar--it has always been more interesting to me than the familiar. Why would I repeat what I know? No growth that way. Life is a learning curve:)

My next blog will deal with the way people have varying perspectives on experience. Nice coincidence that you touch on it in your comment.

Hope you are peaceful and well.

With affection, and smile as I write,


I wasn't mad at the capitalists back then when I worked in that industry. I'd say I gained the most out of it for myself and if the corporations took advantage of my creativity it was also for those consumers a nice experience which were benefitting form our PR-activities. For me, it was even nicer. LOL. Remember the blog about "Telephone books" of mine? I try to leave the mindset behind me where my work is only a means to an end. It mustn't be that way.

Noooooh, not foolish at all to spend time on little accents. They are the spice in the soup. Without them your work would be fine. But with them it expresses your TLC with your chosen topic a lot more.

I am having the opposite problem that I have too much on my mind and always can come up with something to write. If you could see the many many texts I have drafted in between my blogs, you'd think I am crazy :)))

You also seem to have no problems with choosing what you will write about.

Yesterday I was not very well. I did too much thinking for this platform on the whole and spending so many hours in front of the computer formulating reasonable arguments ... doesn't do me good. So I decided to visit my sweetheart and now we are having a good time. Me, preparing fabrics for my next kimono, him varnishing a wooden table. It's lovely outside and right now we are sitting in the patio. Dinner is in the making.

So right now, peace is on my mind.

Bye bye, my dear friend!

Send my regards to your sweetheart...he must be interesting.
I am working on a collage--@shaka is back and my mind is all lit up. So much fun on my end, also.
Have fun, always.
Love, AG